18 Qualities Of A Good Wife (She Must Have These)

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We want the person we marry to be the best they can be.

There are some qualities you may look for in the perfect wife.

If she doesn’t have them all, but you have some, then you’ll work well together.

Here are those 18 qualities that make a good wife.

1. Empathy

She needs to be able to share the feelings of another. To see things from someone else’s point of view.

A good wife can do this be by intuition and this is something people who are empathic do. They can share other people’s perspective.

A husband who has an empathic wife will benefit from a higher emotional intelligence. They will have a deeper connection.

She will be able to sense what her husband is feeling because she knows him so well and can support him when he needs it.

Empathic people believe in fairness because they know how injustice affects people. Studies have shown empathy really helps in caring occupations.

2. Trust

Trust is one of the foundations of any marriage. Trust goes further than being faithful to each other. You need to be able to trust your wife with everything.

You need to know your wife will be there for you through thick and thin. When the chips are down, your wife has got your back because you can trust her.

Trust is when someone is dependable. You can rely on someone who is trustworthy. You can rely on them to do what they say.

You can believe what she says because you trust her. She won’t do anything to let you down and she’ll always talk you up when you’re not around.

You can relax around her because she’s open to you. She accepts any responsibility and you come as part of a team because of your bond of trust.

3. Respect

A good wife is someone who respects other people. Whether that’s their opinion, their property or what they do. There are no preconceived negative ideas about people.

She has respect for you and the vows you both took. She promises to honor both herself and you for the rest of her life. She did this before God.

She would never lie to you or compare you to another man. If she’s a good wife, she will believe this and this is her integrity.

She takes pride in her relationships with her family and friends. They mean a lot to her and she wouldn’t do anything to disrespect them.

If you’re the one making the money, she won’t want anything you can’t afford. She has respect for what you earn and what you can do.

4. Affection

A good wife is affectionate with her husband. She lets him know how she feels and regularly shows it with hugs and kisses.

She wants to cuddle in front of the TV at night. She wants to hold your hand while watching a movie. She likes to be physically close to you.

Affection is what separates a close friend from a romantic relationship. She knows that and is happy to express herself.

She constantly reminds you you’re her’s when it matters. You’re left in no doubt that your wife loves you.

She’ll do this outside as well as in the home. Public displays of affection show she’s proud to be with you.

5. Loyalty

A good wife is loyal to her husband. Her thoughts are only for him and she wouldn’t dream of flirting with anyone else.

She may have other men make advances to her when her husband is not around. But you can be sure she would never contemplate being disloyal to you.

She’s never jealous of you and knows how you feel. Her feelings are consistent as well and are for her husband.

Not only is she loyal to you but also her friends and family. She makes sure their needs are taken care of before anyone else’s.

She knows what’s important and that’s you. She married you and that’s all that matters when it comes to anyone else.

6. Support

When you’re in a marriage, you know when you have the support of a good wife. If there are any problems, you can depend on her.

She knows exactly what to say to make you feel better and she’ll take every step to make something right. That’s what a supportive wife does.

She makes sure to give you plenty of her time. You’re confident in everything you do and say because you know she’s right behind you.

She helps you without being judgmental. She cheers you on and gives you the motivation to succeed.

She goes above and beyond what you expect of her. No matter what’s happening, you can depend on her.

7. Friendship

Your wife is your best friend. You can tell her anything and she can you. You get on with each other better than anyone else.

You like to spend all of your time together. This is what she wants because you have similar thoughts and attitudes.

You like to make memories together and you do this by trying new things. Going somewhere and experiencing things.

Other people may comment how well you seem to get on together. You were right to marry because you’re such a match.

A good wife will prioritize you over anyone and anything else. She values what you have and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize it.

8. Love

We look for someone who is loving to be a wife. Someone who can show they love you and tell you when they think you need to hear it.

She’s happy and positive because of the relationship she has with you. This radiates into you and you both enjoy your time together.

If you have children, she’s loving towards them. She spends quality time with them as well as you. She makes sure everyone’s happy.

She should have a loving nature around everyone she comes into contact with. You can tell she’s a giving person.

Friends and family know they are loved by your wife. She has emotional feelings for people who are close to her.

9. Communication

A good wife will be open to her husband and what he says. She will be able to communicate by listening and talking.

It’s far better to communicate too much than not enough. You want her to be able to tell people what she wants and what she expects them to do.

She has to be able to tell you information and exchange thoughts and opinions. It would be a very quiet existence if your wife didn’t tell you how she feels.

Communicating is something we learn at a very young age, but it takes years to master. To do it effectively is a good skill to have.

People who can communicate better tend to do well in life. They get more job opportunities and earn more money.

10. Honesty

This goes without saying in a marriage. You expect your wife to be honest in everything she says and does.

Honesty is also about saying how you feel. If something isn’t right, you need to be able to trust your wife to tell you so.

There’s a difference between being honest and being hurtful. A good wife will know the difference and be honest when it matters.

You expect your wife to be straightforward and tell you like it is. Don’t hide something or not say something important.

This way you know where you stand with her. Your marriage will grow and get better as a result. Honesty is the best policy.

11. Truthful

A good wife will not lie or deceive you or anyone else. She should remain truthful. The most important thing in her and your life should be the integrity of the marriage.

You must be able to believe what she says and she must be truthful to herself. She has her own values and she must be true to them.

In a marriage you are part of the same team. As part of the vows you promised to God, you declared you would be truthful with each other.

In whatever she does, she should be authentic and transparent. This is an essential quality not everyone has.

Some people don’t have a truthful bone in their body and this can be obvious over time. It’s something a good wife has no problem with.

12. Faithful

Marriage vows say you will be faithful and trust each other. You would expect any good wife to honor this and that’s why it’s an essential quality.

She should put any doubt or suspicion you have at ease. This goes for both of you, no matter what happens in the marriage.

You both need to have a certain acceptance that, while you are married, you are no longer single. You both should behave like you’re no longer available.

Your wedding rings are a sign of your promise to each other and should be worn at all times. It tells other people that you have someone else in your life.

If someone expresses an interest in you. Someone who’s married will make it clear they’re already taken and that nothing can come of it.

13. Fun

Marriage is a serious business, but you still want someone who can have fun. This is a quality every husband would want in their wife.

Life would be very boring if we didn’t have fun occasionally. We need to laugh and see the funny side of things. It’s a healthy way to be.

There are many ways to incorporate fun into a relationship. One of you could surprise the other with a special meal, tickets to a concert, or do something goofy.

Try a new hobby together. Something you may not have thought of doing before that you both could enjoy. Take a cooking course and learn some speciality cuisine.

Living together and doing the same thing every day can get boring. A wife who knows how to have fun is a keeper for sure.

14. Independence

Even though you’re married, a good wife is still an independent woman with her own goals in life. The last thing you want is someone clingy and needy.

An independent wife is a happy one and the marriage is likely to last longer if she has her own things she likes to do. She can have this and still love you.

She will be more self confident and you’ll both have something new and interesting to talk about. She won’t need to rely on you for her happiness.

A woman who’s independent can truly love herself, which benefits her and her husband. She will have her own life separate from you but still honor the commitment she made when she married you.

It’s good if she has her own hobbies and friends she can spend time with. There are advantages to her and you in having a wider social circle and the connections made.

15. Selfless

She will be concerned for your needs and wishes. She will be a giver of herself and take care of what her husbands wants.

She needs to make sure she doesn’t neglect herself. You shouldn’t be selfless to the point that you disregard your own wants and desires.

A good wife knows when to be selfless and that’s often if she has her own children. Their needs will always be more important than hers.

In your marriage, she’ll make sure you’re happy by helping, sharing and better cooperating with you. Another word for a selfless person is someone who is altruistic.

People who are kinder and more generous do better and studies have shown they live longer. Being with someone like this is better for both of you.

16. Caring

Someone who cares shows sympathy and encouragement. A good wife will do these with her husband and those around her.

You want a wife with a motherly instinct and that’s where a caring nature comes from. Any offspring will benefit from having a mother like her.

She will nurture you and ensure equality in the marriage. A caring person believes in fairness for all and knows right from wrong.

She will protect her husband and the sanctity of marriage. She will do everything in her power to prevent any hurt coming to her husband.

She will make sure you’re ok, physically and emotionally. Someone who does this over and above what she promised when she married you, is someone worth keeping.

17. Responsible

A good wife will make sure the household is run well by managing the finances and taking care of any children.

That doesn’t mean she does all these things herself. She will share the responsibility with you as she has her own life as well as her marriage.

She will show patience with the children and make sure they attend school and are educated well. She makes sure the wider family is happy and taken care of.

Responsibility is the natural role of a good wife. They all take it on as part of getting married and it holds the relationship secure.

It’s a lot to take on and it’s only fair she can get a break every so often. This is what a husband can do for her.

18. Compassion

Someone who’s compassionate will be able to ease the suffering of another. They won’t judge or blame, they will do what they can to make them feel better.

If you’ve had some bad news, a good wife will be able to show support and ease your pain. She’ll help you move on when you’re ready.

We most need compassion when we lose someone close to us. We’re at a vulnerable point in our life and we need someone to recognize that and be there for us.

We learn to be compassionate towards ourselves as well. We control our temper and don’t criticize ourselves. A good wife has this trait.

We learn to let go of our fear in marriage. A wife who can feel compassion for another is emotionally more stable.

Final thoughts

I’ve listed 18 qualities above, but you may not find someone with every single one of these. But a wife with at least some of them is a good thing.

A good wife can express herself to her husband. She can tell him she loves him and show it at the right time. She promised these things when she made her marriage vows.

It’s not only the wife who should have these qualities. But the husband should also bring something to the table.

Most of all, you should work together as a team. What one of you is not good at, the other makes up for. This makes the marriage better than the single life.

If you both share these qualities, the marriage is likely to last longer than many do today. Plus, you’ll be truly happy and fulfilled in life.

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