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To provide advice for people in all kinds of relationships with compassion, understanding and empathy.

About Emma Taylor

Emma Taylor is in charge of all the content on the site. She is a relationship expert with years of experience and hundreds of people. She ensures any advice follows our mission and values.


I’ve always been a good observer in interactions. When I got into my teens I was often trusted by friends in sharing their experiences.

I would give my opinion and it was often very well received. The same friends would come back and treat me as a confidant.

They knew they could trust me and what I said seemed to resonate with them.

This has continued over the years and I’ve been repeatedly asked for my advice.

I’ve since been a relationship expert with years of experience. I’ve given advice to hundreds of people.

I’ve heard of many issues and problems from many couples over the years. The one thing I would recommend to anyone going through a hard time with each other is to communicate more.

Communication is one the first things that goes. Whether it’s just being honest about how you feel or if something needs to change. It’s always best to talk. Some things are better out in the open.

I’m always happy to share my thoughts and enjoy helping people see a range of viewpoints. This solves any relationship problems people may have.

This website is a summary of many questions I get asked all answered in one place.

I hope you find the words on Movalee inspiring.

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