Are Dating Coaches Worth It? (Explained)

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What do you do if you’re struggling to find “the one”.

Perhaps you’re too busy with your career to find the time to get out there and meet people.

Perhaps you’ve been on many dates or just come out of a long term relationship.

Maybe you seem to attract the wrong person and are trying to find someone different.

If you’ve tried and tried and aren’t getting anywhere. You could hire a dating coach to help you.

Are dating coaches worth it?

A dating coach is specialized in getting people successfully dating. Having an extra ear and experience can make a big difference to your progress. You can pay a hundred to many thousands of dollars for their services. Some people have had remarkable success.

When you may need a dating coach

If one or more of your friends think you never seem to find the right person or succeed where love is concerned. Despite their help, then maybe you need a different point of view from someone neutral to you.

If you do get dates but they never seem to go beyond the first or second. For some reason you’re never a good match and you don’t know why.

You may have exhausted all your usual ways of meeting people and need some new ideas.

Whatever age you are, if you feel time is passing you by and you still haven’t met that special someone. Then some extra help might be all that you need.

Sometimes we want intimacy, whether that’s emotional or physical. A dating coach can help us find the right person to share it with.

If you’ve come out of a long term relationship and need the confidence and support in finding someone new. If you’re ready, then a dating coach could help.

We have advisers in so many parts of our lives like therapists and personal trainers. Sometimes we need help with other aspects like dating.

How is a dating coach different from a life coach?

A life coach will enhance your life as a whole and not one part of it. They deal with careers, family, self growth, discovery, productivity and more.

A dating coach will deal with only your love life. They will have far more knowledge on the intricacies of dating and how to help you specifically.

Life coaches deal with relationships like family and work. Finding new partners is where a dating coach comes in.

I’ve spoken to life coaches and, while they are good at what they do, when it comes to finding a significant other, it’s not something they have a lot of experience in.

What are the benefits of having a dating coach?

A dating coach has far more skills and offers far more to you than simply getting you a date. They will have ideas and techniques you may never have thought of.

Sometimes it’s meeting people that’s the problem. A dating coach knows the right times and places where the best people are for you.

You will have someone to talk to intimately and openly about your love life. You’ll be able to say things you would never share with a friend or family member.

You’ll have a true outsider who will have an independent opinion on what will work for you. They’ll help you overcome any problems that prevent you succeeding in dating.

Depending on their experience, they’ve helped many people find love over the years. This is their unique skill and what you’re paying for.

You’ll have someone in your corner who’s got your back. You’ll get constructive feedback and help at every stage of your new relationship. They’ll know if you’re going too fast or slow.

They will often have a network of viable single people looking to find others in a like minded situation. They can be a good judge if a connection will occur and can lighten any quiet moments.

What a dating coach will do

One of the first and most important things a dating coach will do is to put you at ease and get to know you.

Your dating history is one of the most significant details they’ll find out about you.

They will judge your personality and how you get on with previous and future partners. This helps them predict the kind of partner you’re likely to get on well with.

You will get encouragement and emotional support when you need it at every stage of your love life.

They’ll advise you on your good dates as well as the bad. This is to better understand you and help you find the right someone in the future.

A dating coach will know the best places for you to find someone who will be a good fit and will accompany you if needed.

Dating coaches sometimes set up dates rather like a matchmaker. They will be able to tell if you would be a good match and will find the right person to interact with.

If you’re out of practice in getting to meet potential partners. Then a dating coach can get you out meeting and talking to people. This will improve your confidence and self esteem.

For online dating, a coach can find the right photographs and the right words for your profile. These can make a big difference in your success with these platforms. So it’s important to get it right as first impressions count.

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How to choose the right dating coach

There are many people online who advertise themselves as dating coaches. Anyone can become one. There are no certifications or organizations you need to be a member of.

But a few of the right questions and research can prevent you finding the wrong one. Anyone who is serious about what they do will allow you to connect with others who have used their services.

Look for coaches who will allow you to have a consultation with them and see how you get on with them. You could be telling them your ultimate secrets so make sure trust and discretion come too.

Find out what they could do for you, and what sort of plan they can offer. Time is short and you need someone who is proactive and already has ideas on what could be good for you.

Think about the partner you’re looking for and if the coach frequents those same kind of people. This could save you a lot of time and money.

A dating coach needs to be charismatic and able to get on with lots of people. More so than a life coach, they need to make you feel good about yourself and have a positive outlook.

Finally, you need to really get on with your coach. You may need to spend a lot of time with them. If you enjoy their company and find what they say worthwhile, then you may have found the right one for you.

How much does a dating coach charge?

You will get a local dating coach for around $100 for a 45 minute session of some counseling and advice. Or you could pay $10,000+ for national matchmakers. It depends what you’re looking for.

Do you need a session to find out where you may be going wrong on your relationships?. Or do you want someone to hold your hand, take you to the right places and introduce you to the right people?

You generally get what you pay for. But if you follow my advice on how to choose the right dating coach and have a quick session. They may be able to help you based on your needs.

We pay for everything in life. Personal trainers and gyms cost thousands per year. Therapists and psychologists all come at a cost.

But to find a life long partner we don’t seem to be willing to pay someone to help us get it right. It’s a major decision so why not pay a professional to help you?

We spend a lot of money dating every year anyway and if you’re not getting anything from it then it’s wasted.

A dating coach could be worth the money. If they gave you a different outlook that positively affected your life.

Can men and women use dating coaches?

In this article I’ve made no mention of gender and I’ve done that on purpose. What I’ve said above can apply to men and women.

Dating coaches can benefit everyone. We do tend to think of rich career men employing one to help him find someone special, but that’s not the case anymore.

They are becoming more common for the man and woman who aren’t worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. We all need love and that is what a dating coach can provide.

The fees are usually the same, whatever your gender.

It helps the coach to have a mix of genders as clients, as they can often introduce one to the other if they could make a match.

I would advise men to ignore these “pick up” experts you find online. These people specialize in getting one night stands. Which is usually not very fulfilling for either party where love is concerned.

They often see people as a commodity who they can get something from. Not people who have the potential to love in the long term.

Final thoughts

There is a massive choice of dating coaches for anyone and everyone. Whatever help you’re after when it comes to your love life, it’s out there.

With a session being so inexpensive. If you’re struggling to find someone, then a 45 minute session may be the perfect trial you need.

There’s only so much a well meaning friend or family member can do when it comes to your love life. Sometimes you need an expert to talk to and be accountable to.

A good dating coach could save you a lot of wasted time and money on unsuitable partners.

Dating coaches are worth it but they’re not all created equal. You still need to spend some time in finding the right one for you.

Once you do they could be the answer to what many of us really want in life. Someone to spend the rest of our lives with, and that’s worth paying for.

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