Are Girlfriends Annoying? (8 Annoying Habits)

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Maybe your girlfriend is annoying you right now. You could be wondering if she’s always going to be this way.

There may be are some things if anyone else did you wouldn’t mind too much, but she does it all the time and it gets annoying.

Maybe you’re the girlfriend reading this and you’re wondering if you’re annoying. Both boyfriends and girlfriends can get on each other’s nerves a little after all.

But is it normal? Is it going to get any better? What if it just doesn’t stop? I answer all that here.

Is my girlfriend annoying?

Your girlfriend can be annoying to you. When you spend a lot of time with someone you’re going to find some of their habits annoying. You need to decide if you can get over these habits and enjoy your relationship.

Annoyance is a sign she means something to you

It’s a sign she’s relaxed around you and can be her true self. She no longer has to worry about doing something you may find odd or not normal.

If you really didn’t care about her, you wouldn’t find some of what she does annoying. The odd frustration is acceptable and is natural in a healthy relationship.

It means the relationship has passed the stage where you’re trying to impress each other. To respond in a good way to everything you say.

When your partner elicits a big emotional response from your annoying habits. It can be seen as a way of changing and growing the relationship.

As long as you don’t let them bother you too much and point them out if you feel you should. Then harmony can come back quickly.

8 annoying habits girlfriends do to their boyfriend

To list every little thing could take many pages. But there are things she might do that all girlfriends do occasionally that need to be mentioned.

These annoyances are usually worse and magnified when you live together. Sometimes that’s when they really become clear and irritating.

Here are my 8 favorite. If you do any of these, remember your boyfriend could find it annoying and you should do something about it.

1. Ignore him

There’s nothing worse than being ignored. Your boyfriend likes to think that everything he says is funny and important.

He’s used to his friends listening to his every word, but sometimes you just ignore him. If you’re not going to listen to him, then why are you with him?

You used to find what he says appealing and maybe now you’ve heard it all before. He’d like you to pretend it’s the fist time you’ve heard anything he’s ever said.

If you’re too busy thinking about or doing something, tell him. Just don’t ignore him without even acknowledging he said something at all.

2. Don’t give him space

This may be more common in new relationships. You need to give him room to be himself. You maybe boyfriend and girlfriend but you still have your own needs.

This can go both ways. You wouldn’t like your boyfriend following you around a party so don’t do it to him. He’s not going anywhere, so just relax.

Sometimes we want a hobby or interest to be our own and not our partners as well. It doesn’t mean something is going on, it’s just about some independence we all need from time to time.

This is especially important when you live together. You just need to get out of each others hair for a while. It doesn’t mean he loves you any less.

3. Flirt with other men

Your boyfriend can tell when you find someone attractive and it happens. We’re human and can still find someone appealing that isn’t our other half.

Just don’t overdo it and start flirting. Some women are naturally forward and touchy feely and that can be annoying.

When you’ve had a drink it can make you worse. Remember you’re in a relationship because you seem to still want male attention.

We all like to have fun but at some point you have to rein it in. This is something that can lead to problems if it doesn’t stop.

4. Go all silent

Perhaps you’ve just had an argument or your boyfriend has done something you don’t like. Instead of talking about it you don’t talk at all.

Sometimes this can go on for long periods and after a while it’s just annoying. Your boyfriend will think it’s immature.

It’s ok to be upset, no one’s perfect. But to spend sometimes days without talking serves no purpose and has no benefit at all.

Tell him what’s he’s done wrong so he can do something about it. You’ll probably be pleased by what he has to say, then you can get on with your life.

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5. Don’t stop talking

Your boyfriend likes you talking, talking is a good thing. If he can’t get a word in during a conversation, then that’s not a good thing.

Expressing yourself is healthy and there’s nothing better than talking to a loved one. But if you’re saying the same thing over and over it can get boring.

Your friends may be able to put with your excessive chatter but your boyfriend has to live with you 24 hours a day. Sometimes he may need a break.

Take a step back and listen to your boyfriend. You might realize he has a lot of worthwhile things to say. You might grow to love him more.

6. Complain about their body

Your boyfriend thinks you’re perfect and doesn’t know why you do this. Sometimes we don’t feel confident about ourselves or what we’re wearing.

But the same question over and over. Especially if you’ve been together with your boyfriend for a long time. You should know how he feels about your body by now.

He understands if you’re trying on a new outfit and you want to know if he thinks it look’s good. But asking if your bum looks big in the same jeans you’ve been wearing for years is annoying.

Any boyfriend is privileged to see a woman’s body. When you’ve been intimate, your boyfriend will have seen everything. He will have the highest respect for you, so don’t worry.

7. Don’t tidy up after them self

All your clothes on the bedroom floor need to be put away occasionally. If he’s tripping over them or he can’t tell what color the floor is anymore, it’s probably too late.

This matters in the bathroom as well. It may be where you do your hair, but do you need to have your bottles of lotions and potions everywhere?

If you’re an untidy person and always have been, you need to do something about it. Make an effort to tidy up.

Just tidying up the kitchen because friends are coming round isn’t enough. There may need to be a plan in place to finally sort out the problem once and for all for you both.

8. Talk about their relationship to others

Your boyfriend doesn’t do this with his friends and doesn’t understand why you do it with yours. There’s a difference between getting an opinion and discussing everything.

Your boyfriend doesn’t want to know what a friend of your thinks about your relationship. He finds it rude and annoying.

If you’re going to do this, try and keep it quiet. Any problems you might be having with him he feels has nothing to do with anyone else.

The opinions you get from other people aren’t going to be objective. They’re friends of yours and they’re going to have your side whatever you say. He knows this.

What you can do about these annoyances

Think about whether what’s annoying you is really a big deal. Are you having a bad day or week and everything is just getting to you? Can you not let it pass?

This is all part of being with someone. Not everything goes smoothly. But if these annoyances are getting too much, then you need to think about what to do.

Nearly everyone of these can be solved by talking to each other. If something is annoying then tell your significant other and get it out in the open.

It could be something really minor but if you don’t say anything he’ll never know. It could make you more annoyed and even angry and all you had to do was mention it.

Take a moment to sit down and talk. It could be over dinner or when either of you has some free time. Get it out there if it’s getting to you.

When annoyances become too much

If annoyance is growing into dislike. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is starting to irritate you by the things they do.

If what they do is natural to them but is really starting to get to you. Then perhaps you need to rethink the relationship itself.

If you say something and it doesn’t make any difference, it’s a bad sign. If someone won’t make an effort to change, then that’s not good.

If you’re arguing about these annoyances and it’s affecting your relationship. Then that’s a little too much.

Don’t be with someone out of convenience. If you’ve had enough, then you need to move on. Annoyances can grow and there has to be a line drawn somewhere.

Final thoughts

Girlfriends and boyfriends can annoy each other and so can husbands and wives. Even your friends you’ll find annoying if you spend too much time with them.

We all have to learn to live together, especially as a couple. It’s about respect and communication. If we’re annoying, then we can do something about it.

If it’s something that really doesn’t matter, then we should look at ourselves. Why do we allow it to annoy us in the first place?

Think about the positive things your partner does. It should outweigh the little things. No one is perfect and nor is any relationship.

If the annoyance is too much and you haven’t felt that way with a previous partner. Then perhaps it’s not meant to be and you should both think about moving on.

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