Are Girlfriends Expensive? (Cost Breakdown)

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Everything in life seems to cost money, and that includes relationships.

It’s very difficult to enjoy yourself and have fun on dates if you don’t spend any money.

But how much does a girlfriend cost and is it worth it? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to be single and keep all your money for yourself?

Here I look at if girlfriends are expensive, how much they cost, ways to reduce the cost and more.

So are girlfriends expensive?

Having a girlfriend will cost money. But they don’t need to be expensive if you find the right one. Spend what you can afford and make sure you enjoy each other’s company and you’ll both be happy.

Going on dates costs money

The whole purpose of a date is to get to know each other when we are in difference situations.

Whether you’re new to having a girlfriend or not, doing things together is a big part of the process.

The idea is to have fun together with someone you want to get to know and form a relationship with.

As all things in life tend to have a price, we like to think how much a girlfriend may cost us.

We would do a lot of things with a girlfriend we would do with friends, like going to movies or bowling nights.

However, there are some costs like Valentine’s day you would not have with your high school buddy!

Costs involved with having a girlfriend

Aside from going on dates, there are other items you may buy your girlfriend that have an additional cost.

These are things like chocolates and flowers. We all like to treat our girlfriends so this is a necessary expense we need to think about.

Below is a table where you can see some prices for common items you could buy on a date. These are averages, you could go a lot higher if you wanted to.

Christmas day$150
Valentines day$200+

As you can see Valentine’ss day is a big one. I think $200 is the least really. If you don’t get it right, you could be in serious trouble!

By spending money you’re showing your commitment, it’s saying you mean a lot to me and I want to invest my time in you.

How to reduce the cost

Once you get to know each other, your girlfriend will have a better idea of what you can afford. If she likes you, she won’t expect you to spend all your money on her.

You can reduce the cost without having to go without some nice dates like a romantic meal every so often.

You can split the cost in half, especially if she has an income like you. Gifts though, like jewelry or flowers, are not something you can just pay half of.

A nice way to go about it is for you to pay for one date and then your girlfriend to pay for the next.

If money is a concern a night in front of the TV with a good movie. Or a meal you both cook can be a great experience and fun to do once in a while.

Try to think outside the box where a gift is concerned. A surprise and a little bit of effort can make a small amount of money can go a long way.

Is your girlfriend too demanding?

Perhaps your girlfriend had a previous boyfriend who bought her anything and everything. She enjoyed that and wants more of the same with you.

Some people are never happy with what they have. They compare their relationships with others. A demanding girlfriend might be doing this.

If you see potential in the relationship, then some serious communication is needed. Boundaries need to be set for the benefit of both of you.

Put off this talk and it will just make the problem worse. If she likes you, she’ll appreciate you expressing yourself and raising the issue.

Sometimes it’s nice to get into a routine, go for a meal once a week and not every day. Buy her a gift every so often and not every time you see her.

Girlfriends usually prefer personality over money

An expensive girlfriend is the exception, not the rule. If she likes spending time with you, it will be for the way you are and what you say, not what you can buy.

If she seems to value your money over other things, then you need to have a serious think about the relationship. It should be a two way street, not one getting everything.

That doesn’t mean your girlfriend doesn’t value someone who can afford to spend every so often. Confident and successful men tend to have more money and women like men with confidence.

There have been hundreds of studies over many years trying to determine what women look for in a man and why. The truth is everyone is different.

We all have a certain type of partner we find attractive. If you don’t have the means to spend lots of money, that doesn’t mean someone won’t find you their ideal boyfriend.

The benefits of having a girlfriend far outweigh the cost

There’s something about having a girlfriend. It’s different from having a close friend. It really lifts your spirit in so many ways and that’s why men call their wives their “rock”.

Of course you’re not married yet so that total commitment isn’t there. But you have someone who really has your back and who you can express your inner thoughts to.

Girlfriends are fantastic for our well being. They make us feel good and we see a brighter future when we have one. Our whole outlook on life changes and others may notice it in us.

We’re able to deal with life’s stresses and problems in a far better way when we have someone by our side.

We have a biological urge to partner with people in an intimate and emotional way. It’s not just to produce children. We are better people when we are together as two in a relationship.

Instead of seeing a girlfriend as a cost or an expense. See them as someone you could possibly spend the rest of your life with and you want to make sure you pick the right one.

You can only do that by experiencing things with them, and that involves spending money. It doesn’t have to be much. Think of it as an investment in your future.

It’s cheaper to be single

If you want to be alone then, yes, it’s cheaper to be single if that’s what you really want.

While some people are happy this way, most of us would find life very boring if we were forever single.

We may have more money in our pockets, but money isn’t everything. I’d much rather be poor and incredibly happy with someone in my life than rich and alone by myself.

There’s something about sharing our lives that you just don’t get when you’re single. That doesn’t mean you should rush out and find anyone to be in a relationship with.

It’s good to take time choosing who you want to spend your time with. But don’t reject someone out right if you’re concerned about the cost.

Final thoughts

Some girlfriends can be expensive, there’s not many of them around, but there are some. They may be new to dating and not know any different.

There could be many reasons why they exist. With a bit of getting to know someone, the expense can be reduced. But not all the time.

If your girlfriend is one of those people who only want the best and won’t put up with anything less. You can either be happy with it or not.

If she won’t change, then you have to think about whether you want her to be your girlfriend. If someone won’t reach you halfway if you don’t want to splash the cash. Then they may not be very good girlfriend material.

Fortunately, there are plenty of women out there to choose from. You don’t have to settle for someone you’re not happy with.

If you’re new to having a girlfriend, don’t think you have to spend a lot for her to stay with you, you don’t. Just be your normal self and if that isn’t enough for someone, then it’s not meant to be.

You’ll know when you’ve found a keeper. You’ll be happy to spend on your relationship to see what it could turn into, that’s what life is all about.

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