Are Love Handles Attractive? (On Women Or Men)

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We all come in different shapes and sizes and most of us don’t look like what we see in magazines.

Sometimes weight has a habit of building up in parts of the body we may not want it to.

This is when we can get love handles on the hips. We’ve all seen them before but could they be considered attractive?

Here I’ll look into love handles and what men and women think of them.

Are love handles attractive?

The appeal of love handles often depends on the particular person’s opinion. These days people are embracing our differences and this includes our bodies. Increasingly, many men and women tend to find the overall person attractive. As opposed to their love handles.

What are love handles and what causes them?

As per Healthline they are excess fat you find on both hips that have accumulated into the tell-tale bulge. We often see that clothing is tight around that area.

A lack of exercise and excess calories play a part in getting these fat deposits. Stress and other external factors can affect our bodies and cause it to dump the excess in certain areas.

Love handles take time to show so this isn’t a sudden lifestyle change that would have caused them.

Are you overweight if you have them?

While excess fat is a problem, you are not necessarily overweight if you have love handles. You can be of a healthy weight and still have them.

It’s always good to check your health, especially if there are signs of fat building up. A doctor may be able to ease any fears or answer any questions you may have.

Are they genetic?

Yes to some extent. Men typically build fat around the midsection and women around the butt and thighs.

As we get older we are more likely to develop weight problems and love handles can be a sign of this.

What men think of love handles

Most men don’t like women to look like super models because that’s not the way normal women look.

Someone who is skinny can sometimes look unhealthy and that is not attractive to men.

This is quite evolutionary as men usually find women attractive if they can feed their young. A healthy amount of weight means a voluptuous figure is often desired and love handles can be a part of that.

Let’s bring this to modern day and young men like their ladies to be “thick”. A bigger figure is often preferred, especially in the butt, hips and chest.

Most men don’t really mind what we call love handles. Men know that all women are different and that’s the appeal. No one is the same and that’s a good thing.

There are men who prefer women to look a certain way and treat them like a trophy. These are not the kind of men women should worry about. They are shallow and are likely to find someone else at the first sign of change or problems.

If you’re a woman with love handles and a doctor says you’re healthy. That should be more important to you and any man you’re with would agree.

What women think of love handles

As with men above it’s very much down to personal choice. No one would choose a man with love handles but if they’re part of a very appealing package, they can be appreciated.

Many women like the “comfy” feel of something around the waist of their man. While some may not and prefer a good six pack.

Health is a good measure of what we find attractive. A very overweight man is not very appealing. Whereas love handles are a sign that a man has access to food in evolutionary terms.

From women I’ve spoken to, they are far more drawn to the confidence and sense of humor of a man. More than a slight mid section issue.

A man could have the greatest body in the world. But if he is boring and shallow, then the immediate attractiveness drops. Especially if there’s no personality there.

As with women, men are increasingly defined by TV and magazines. They say how they should look and women are told who they should find attractive.

It’s only as we discover in ourselves what we like and what fits with us then we can truly find someone who makes us happy.

If that means we find someone we like who is carrying some weight on them, then so be it.

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Some people may really like love handles

I’ve never heard of someone appreciate someone for their love handles. I’ve never heard someone specifically pick them out as something to be desired.

They really are not recognized as something to look for when it comes to a potential partner. They really are not a very appealing part of the body.

Some people find a particular part of the body very attractive compared to others. They become obsessed with these body parts and websites are devoted to people like this.

Some people like feet. They view them as very attractive and love seeing pictures of them. This kind of thing is growing in popularity as the internet brings people closer.

I’ve seen many websites over the years and I’ve never seen a one with pictures of love handles. That may be designed to appeal to like minded people who might like that sort of thing.

This really shows what regular people really think of them. If they factor into many people’s opinion about whether or not they’re attractive.

How to reduce love handles

They can be stubborn to shift, but you get rid of them like you would any excess weight or fat. You diet and exercise and over a period of time you’ll soon start seeing results.

Try and work up to doing 30 minutes every 3 days per week of cardiovascular exercise. That’s where your heart starts to beat fast and you breathe quicker than normal. Such as brisk walking or jogging.

You would also benefit from doing 2 strength days per week. This is where you use something as a weight and push against it. This could be your body weight or weight lifting equipment.

Abdominal exercise helps but just because you’re exercising that area. It doesn’t mean weight is lost there. That’s called spot reduction, and it’s a proven myth.

Weight loss occurs all over the body and not specific areas unfortunately. Despite what all the abdominal exercise equipment commercials would have you believe.

Where diet goes, eat 3 balanced portioned meals per day and 2 small snacks if needed. The aim is to eat healthily but lose calories.

Of course if you’re of a healthy weight already then your love handles could just be a genetic part of you. You may have to live with them.

Final thoughts

If you’re female and reading this, rather than think, are love handles attractive or not. Your question should be, do men notice them at all, and if they do, do they care?

The answer is men really don’t notice these things as much as you think. They’re too busy getting to know you if you’re on a date. And if you’re on a date in the first place, it means they like what they see.

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Men usually like women with a bit of something to get hold of. They’re not going to say your love handles are attractive as such.

You come as a package, so embrace who you are. Men like a confident woman as much as you like a confident man. If you’re happy in yourself, then that will shine through.

If you’re a man or woman with love handles. Get fit and healthy then concentrate on something that really appeals. That is your happiness, self confidence and self esteem.

When all this is in place, you’ll be ready to find someone to share yourself with and all the good stuff that goes with it.

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