Can Love Survive Without Money? (Sometimes)

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Are you concerned if your partner will still love you without money?

Some relationships and marriages begin and end over their finances.

In this article I go through all kinds of love and if they can survive without money.

People do love without money

People who are poor or wealthy still love each other. Do you love someone more because they have more money? No, but does money matter?

Is money important once you’re in love? Does love grow or fall based on your bank balance?

There are many relationships where people have very little money and the love is there. So is love based on the person? How much money they have? Or both?

There’s a famous story of a homeless couple who met in a Las Vegas tunnel. These tunnels are home to a large homeless community who have rejected society due to addiction and other problems.

The couple had no money and found love in each other. Their love blossomed in the harsh conditions and it was their struggle that brought them closer.

Social workers discovered them, offered them a way out, and a place to stay. The couple are now expecting their first child.

It just goes to show, if love can be found without money, then surely it can survive without money.

Did the relationship start off without money?

It makes a big difference to meeting someone, falling in love and having a relationship when you have money. But what about when you fall on hard times?

Meeting someone who has no money makes a relationship more difficult to sustain. The struggle can’t always overcome the love you have for each other.

Relationships that start when one of you is financially secure are far more likely to stand the test of time. Love can stay when the money goes.

In a relationship, we look for someone who can help support us. We look for someone who is financially secure. Someone who can provide for the future.

While love can survive without money. You might struggle to fall in love with someone who has none and has no access to any.

Dating someone who is struggling financially

If you’re only dating, you may not be in love yet. You certainly can’t do much dating if you’re struggling for money.

What do you think of a man who can’t provide for you? Do you find someone like that attractive in the first place?

You can find someone appealing by their character. But when you delve a little deeper, there could be reasons why they’re struggling for money. Reasons that may put you off them.

We look for certain people to be a partner, and someone who has no money may not have the qualities we’re looking for. Dating could reveal some home truths about the person.

It also depends to what extent someone is struggling. Are they missing a car payment or have they been delinquent on their rent for several months?

Dating is when we choose a potential life partner. Someone who can’t control their finances may not meet your expectations. You’re likely to split before love gets involved.

True love is not based on money

Once you’ve got past dating and you’ve grown to love your partner. This is when a relationship can survive without money.

I hear many people say that when you truly love someone, it doesn’t matter what happens. You will always stick by them. That lack of money can’t break true love.

There are books written about the power of true love and the hardships we’re willing to go through in it’s name. Love is about how you feel, not what you have.

This is all very noble, but I’m sure we can all agree. True love can be tested to the extreme if you’re struggling to get by, day to day.

Some partners can over look a temporary setback and stick by. But others may want more in life and can leave, even though true love may be there.

It may not be the case for everyone. Some may consider their love and loyalty to be bigger than money.

Happy couple

Can marriages survive without money?

We take vows when we marry, where we promise to stand by our spouses through thick and thin. Till death do us part.

Do you believe in the sanctity of marriage enough that nothing can get in the way? Is your commitment final?

A marriage will struggle without money. Where do you live, what do you eat, and if you have children, how do you support them?

Many marriages end. This is true today more than ever. So it comes down to love again. Can your love survive without money?

If your husband is still the man you married and you love him just as much. Then your marriage can survive your money worries.

Some marriages are based on money

You often see some very rich men who are small in stature and seem to have very little in the way of personality. These men are married to tall models who you would think could have any man they desire.

You often see some women who see a man with a very expensive car openly flirt with him. Some women seem to be attracted by money.

I’m not saying they don’t grow to love these men, but would they stick around if the money suddenly disappeared?

These people are often referred to as “gold diggers”. It’s a marriage of convenience with the rich man of their choice.

Would these women be with these men if it wasn’t for the money? Could their love survive without money?

Money can tell you a lot about someone

We tend to love someone based on their character. How they deal with money and the way they get hold of it can influence if we’ll fall in love with them.

People with money tend to have appealing personality traits. They are often go getters who know what they want and find ways to get it.

They are often goal driven and are motivated to reach these goals. They tend to have better jobs and are used to getting and influencing people to do what they want.

How he spends money will be interesting too. Is he tight with it or does he know how to have fun. Does he have investments or does he blow it every month.

No one is perfect, but you can judge someone a lot by how much money they have and what they do with it. People with money tend to be confident and outgoing.

This is why you rarely find people with money who are single. They’re not buying a partner but it’s who they are that attracts them.

Money causes a lot of arguments

There’s no getting away from the fact, money arguments end many relationships and even marriages. Money is clearly more important than love for some.

We can’t do anything in life without money and so it’s a great bone of contention in a relationship. Who has what and what are they doing with it.

Partners conceal what they have and what they’ve spent it on. Debt is very common and is another source of worry.

Money imbalance can cause fights and conflicts. Money can be very personal to some and change who we are. Many crimes are committed over it.

These arguments seldom occur when there’s plenty to go round. It’s when you’re having money problems that sensitivity occurs.

Final thoughts

Love is certainly put to the test when there’s not a lot of money between you. Some couples love can survive without money but many can’t.

It all depends on what you go for in a relationship and how much money was there when it started. Money is just not that important to some people.

If you’ve grown to love someone and you call it true love. It can gloss over many problems, even those to do with money.

If you’re worried your partner will still love you if the money dries up. You’ll have to ask. If you know them well, you may know the answer already.

You’ll have to think about the love and the level of commitment you have. Then you’ll find out if love can survive without money.

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