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Will My Wife Ever Come Back? (It Can Happen)

Unhappy couple

If a wife leaves her husband, she’s made a major life decision that affects everyone involved.

A husband will do everything he can to get her back.

She may come back on her own, or she made need some encouragement.

Here I go through getting your wife to come back and how to make it happen.

The initial separation

Separating from a wife is a very traumatic experience for a husband. It’s life changing when his wife moves out of the home.

When we marry, we expect it to last a lifetime. We both go into it because we see and want a future with our partner.

Unfortunately, for the wife to physically go. It’s not a decision she makes lightly, and there may have been some preparation involved.

It may be a decision she made for some time before she actually went. She would have needed to organize for somewhere to go.

She will have seen it as a last resort if the marriage isn’t going well. She may have tried to reconcile with you, her husband, unsuccessfully.

If there are children involved, something must have seriously gone wrong between you. No mother wants to separate a child from their father without good reason.

Your first thought may be to try and convince her she’s making the wrong decision. You may have begged her to think again as she walked out the door.

This won’t work, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up. You just need to give it more thought.

First you need to know why she’s gone in the first place. Then you can think about ways of getting her back.

What’s the reason for the separation?

There could be a number of reasons. But I would be very surprised if you didn’t know the number one reason that caused her to go.

She must have said why. She would have given you a chance to make amends if there’s something you could have done.

Did she regret marrying you? Was the marriage doomed in the first place? Have you changed during the marriage? Was it a marriage of convenience?

Did you have an affair? Did she meet someone else? I can only speculate a reason here, whereas you’re the one who knows for sure.

It’s armed with this information that will guide you as the best way to get your wife back. If it’s something you’ve done, you clearly regret it.

There was a study published that gave the most common reasons for divorce. Obviously you may only be separated at the moment, but these are a guide for you:

  1. Lack of commitment
  2. Infidelity or extramarital affairs
  3. Too much conflict and arguing
  4. Getting married too young
  5. Financial problems
  6. Substance abuse
  7. Domestic violence
  8. Health problems
  9. Lack of support from family
  10. Religious differences
  11. Little or no premarital education

The most common is a lack of commitment. The reason for your wife could be one or a number of these.

You need to correct whatever the cause is in her mind for her to come back. Her needs are not being met and you need to make sure they will be in the future.

6 Signs she wants to come back

All is not lost. Your wife may still have feelings for you. She may not openly admit it. But she may be open to what you have to say.

Depending on what’s happened and how long it’s been. You may see the following positive signs from your wife.

1. She’s talking to you again

If she’s really made her mind up, she wouldn’t talk to you at all. There’d be no communication.

What she says is important here. If it’s just necessary communication to do with documents or meeting children, that’s not so good.

If she’s showing an interest in you and asking more than the odd question. That shows she may have been thinking about you.

You know your wife best. You know when she’s making small talk and when she’s actually interested in what you have to say.

If she tells you personal things about herself. She may be open to reconcile whatever differences have caused the separation.

2. She’s talks about the past

This is a very good one. Does she reminisce about positive experiences you’ve had together?

Someone who doesn’t want to get back together with you wouldn’t bring this kind of thing up. She’s pining for the past.

When she does this, you need to convince her that there could be more good experiences in the future. If she’ll get back with you.

There must have been good things about your marriage. It can’t have been all bad. She must have been happy at some point.

A little encouragement from you always helps. Memories were shared and they can’t be easily forgotten.

3. Things have changed in her life

Life changes and very quickly sometimes. Is she happy with the decision she made by separating from you?

She might feel regret if she sees you’re happy and getting on with your life. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

If she left you for someone else. Perhaps she’s been arguing with him. Or is he different now she’s living with him and it’s no longer an affair?

An affair is something very exciting if a marriage has been boring or the sex has waned. But in the cold light of day she may see this new man differently.

Are you willing to allow her to come back if she feels she made the wrong decision? Could you forgive her for what she’s done?

If things have changed for her and she’s changed her mind. Don’t allow her back so easily. She made a big decision and she needs to think long and hard as to why she left.

4. She’s flirting with you

If she’s doing this, then she definitely wants to talk about getting back together. She may be subtle at first.

You may be used to her flirting with you when you were married. But doing it now you’re separated is different.

Of course she may just want sex and not a proper reconciliation. Whether you give into such temptation is up to you.

She knows you well and will know how to press your buttons. Flirting is a powerful tool and a wife knows how to use it on her husband.

My advice is not to jump into getting back together at the first sign of flirting. Let her work at it for a while.

5. She admits any wrong doing

Perhaps she made mistakes in the marriage as well as you. If she wants to talk about it, then you must see that as a good thing.

People who leave a marriage can be very stubborn and think they’ve done nothing wrong. If her angle changes, it’s a good sign.

Your best bet here is to patiently listen to her and allow her to get it off her chest. An understanding nature and admitting your part in the separation would work well.

No one likes to admit they’ve done something wrong, so it’s a big deal if she does. Take it for what it is and focus on communicating.

Avoid any blaming or getting her to apologize. When she’s in this frame of mind, try and extend the talk for as long as possible.

6. She wants to spend time with you

She may find good reasons and they may seem innocuous at first. But you may get the impression she’s making excuses to spend time with you.

If she wanted to stay separated, she wouldn’t make any time for you. She spent enough time with you when you were married.

I’ve met one woman who would invite a soon to be ex husband for a meal to “discuss the divorce”. There was an ulterior motive behind this and it was her, changing her mind.

If she makes plans and invites you along. Cancel any appointments you have and be there if that’s what you want.

Time is valuable to us all and we’re very careful about who we spend it with. It’s unusual for a separated wife to want to spend it with her husband.

Unhappy couple

Have you changed since your wife left?

If you’re the reason she left, she’s not going to want to come back until she knows things will be different.

She probably gave you plenty of chances before leaving to change your ways. You need to prove to her you have changed to stand a chance of getting her back.

What was it about you that made her leave? Was it an affair? Your drinking? Your job or lack of? Financial problems? Arguing? Family problems?

If it’s any one of these and you’ve sorted out the problem. Then you need to let her know. Don’t expect her to come back straight away.

Any issue won’t have been a one off occurrence. It will take a lot of convincing for a separated wife to believe any problem has gone away permanently.

Sometimes actions mean more than words. A totally new start may be needed to reconcile and reignite the marriage.

You may have to take steps you’re not comfortable with. But that’s probably what she’s going to want in order to save the marriage and come back.

She may still love you

She probably does. She must have done to marry you in the first place. You can’t easily turn off those feelings.

Even after everything that has happened and leaving. You may have been through a lot together, and had children.

Even though she does, that doesn’t mean getting her back will be something that can happen easily.

She left you despite her feelings. Unless you sort out the differences that caused her to leave in the first place, her love will eventually fade.

If you move on and you’re still in touch with her, you may notice she gets a little jealous. Those are her feelings of love.

Love can make you over look many faults in people. But sometimes it’s just not enough to save a marriage. This is why you need to be proactive in getting your wife back.

6 Ways to win your wife back

This is not going to be easy. It will take patience and understanding.

Your wife may have taken a long time to reach her decision to leave. She’s going to want to be sure she’s doing the right thing if she comes back.

1. Apologize for any hurt

This may be the last thing you want to do, especially if you don’t feel you’ve done anything wrong. But that’s probably not how she sees it.

She has her reasons and you’ll be part of them. Hopefully, you’ve found out why she left and now’s your chance to apologize.

She wants to hear you regret your part in her unhappiness. This means taking responsibility and acknowledging what you’ve done.

By doing this, it gets her to talk and see you in another light. You may feel uncomfortable doing this but winning her back means taking these kind of steps.

By all means tell her you didn’t mean to hurt her if that was the case. By you opening up about what you’ve done wrong will make her do the same.

2. Try marriage counseling

You should have tried this before she left. But it’s better late than never. If she sees a possibility of reconciliation, she should be open to this.

Choose a good therapist you can both agree on and go at a time that suits you both. Take it seriously when you’re there.

You may hear things you don’t agree with. It may seem like you’re being ganged up on. But don’t dismiss the process or react negatively.

This is about winning your wife back so you can’t let any stubbornness on your part come through. Make sure you listen as well as speak.

You may personally benefit from this by opening your mind to yourself and how you are. Your wife will be watching you closely.

3. Give her space

When she first walks out, her emotions will be running high. You need to give her some space and time to come to terms with her decision.

Harassing her at every opportunity is the opposite of what you should do. She’ll believe she’s done the right thing if she doesn’t think you’ve learned anything.

Use this time and space to get yourself together. Make any changes which caused her to leave you. She needs to notice a different person when she sees you again.

If she thinks you’ve gone downhill personally since she left, then you’ll never get her back. Make yourself a new man in every way.

She’ll be doing a lot of thinking in this time. You’ll be hoping she realizes she may have made a mistake.

4. Tell her you want her back

When you’ve given her space and you’ve changed your ways. She needs to know what you’ve done and that you want her back.

It’s during your communications with her that will help you to judge when and what to say. A gradual approach is the better one.

Avoid being too direct. Let her discover you’ve changed and you’ve met no one else. A hint here and there will serve you well.

Don’t be familiar with her. If she decides to come back, she’ll want a fresh start. That involves a fresh and new you too.

Don’t be desperate or say how her coming back will benefit you. She’ll know what you want. Try and give her the freedom to make her own decision.

5. Respect her opinion on what went wrong

She’s going to want to get it off her chest as to what went wrong if she considers coming back. Just listen, allow her to speak and don’t argue.

As your wife you should respect her anyway. But especially on this. Accept what she says and I don’t recommend even coming back with your own view.

If there are children involved. Don’t have these sensitive conversations in front of them. She’ll appreciate you respecting them too.

Your wife may have got the wrong impression over what went wrong. She may be behaving irrationally and conversation is proving hard to come by.

Ignore friends and family. Everyone will have an opinion on who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s you and your wife involved, so only they should matter.

6. Romance her again

A brand new start is what’s needed in the relationship, so romancing her again is what’s called for. Treat her to flowers and go on dates.

You want to show you’ve changed and the problems that occurred in the past are not there anymore. We want the relationship to be like the one that made the both of you get married in the first place.

It’s about her giving you a second chance. Try not to fall into any of the old habits that made her leave. It’s about renewing and trying again.

A marriage is a big deal and no one wants to leave if there’s any way to make things right. You may have spent many years together and she won’t want to throw that away unless things have gone too far.

By doing things you both enjoy, you can rekindle the enjoyment you had when you were first dating. Remember to take it slow and go at her pace.

Final thoughts

Remember your wife leaving you has an enormous effect on her as well as you. There must have been big changes in the marriage for your wife to make such a decision.

Don’t do anything hasty. Don’t demand she takes you back. She may come back on her own accord or you may have to gently encourage her. Either way, it’s going to take time.

Give her space and time for you both to come to terms with what’s happened. Make any changes in that time and use any contact you have with her carefully.

Reconciliation does happen and marriages survive. But not without work on both sides. For your wife to come back, she needs to know things have changed.

If you can reassure her of that and she feels you’re worth another shot. Then she’ll come back. Just make sure any changes you’ve made are permanent.

What Husbands Need From Their Wives (14 Things)

Happy couple

Getting married means you make a commitment to each other that’s supposed to last a lifetime.

This takes work on both the husband and wife’s part to meet each other’s needs. But the husband’s needs often go neglected.

Here I go through 14 things a husband needs from his wife that will benefit them both.

What husbands and wives need in marriage

A husband needs commitment and you’ve done that by marrying him. You’ve both chosen each other and that means a lot to him.

What a husband needs most is for you to be happy with him. You could do everything on my list, but if you’re not happy, then none of it matters.

So meet his needs, yes. But make sure your needs are met too. Then you’ll have a great marriage that will stand the test of time.

Get him to communicate if he’s not happy in any way, and you do the same. Marriage is a two way street and you both need to work on it.

Having said that, it’s great that you’re considering what a husband needs from a wife.

14 Things husbands need from their wives

There is a lot on this list. You can’t do everything but every little counts.

1. Faithfulness

This can mean for a wife to honor her marriage vows. But also to remain faithful to her husband and not consider another man.

Being faithful is a very religious part of marriage. You make the promise in front of everyone who matters to you both in your vows.

The ring is the symbol and you honor your commitment by wearing it. You make some sacrifices in marriage for the benefit of you both.

Many of the needs here are encompassed in the promise you made to each other. You agree to never betray your husband.

2. Honesty

Whatever happens in your relationship, a husband should always be able to count on their wife’s honesty.

Whether it’s something good or something bad. Whether its good news or not, a husband needs to hear the truth.

There needs to be no manipulation or any angle from his wife. He needs to know he can trust her and honesty is part of that.

You don’t need to tell a husband everything to be honest with him. But honesty is fundamental to a good marriage.

3. Respect

A husband needs respect from his wife. His opinion should always be sought after as well as your own.

Any major decisions should have a husband’s input. Things start to go downhill when a spouse takes another for granted.

If you don’t respect your husband then you shouldn’t have married him in the first place. It’s the least you can expect of each other.

Respect is about using both your life experiences and listening to them. This will benefit you both going forward.

By showing respect, your husband will maintain his self esteem and confidence. He’ll be a better man as a result.

Stick up for your husband and don’t let anyone speak ill of him. He may not be perfect but he does his best and you must respect him for that.

4. Companionship

This is a basic human need. We definitely need it as we get older, but we feel the benefit of companionship at every age.

Your husband should also be your best friend. A wife should feel they could tell her husband anything.

You should really enjoy spending time together. Hopefully, you got married for all these reasons and it stays throughout.

While you need your independence. You should want your husband there so you can have experiences together.

5. Emotional support

This is something a wife is very good at. It’s also something a husband needs a lot, whether they like to admit it or not.

They say, behind every good man, there’s a good women. This is because of the emotional support she provides to him.

A wife can make her husband feel good and secure about himself. She can instill confidence in him with her support.

A wife makes sure her husband is ok and validates him when he expresses himself. A husband is completed with a good wife behind him.

Build him up when he needs it and avoid judging him. By doing these and having his back, you’ll be meeting a great need.

6. Stability

Stability doesn’t just come from a husband, he needs it from his wife too. Studies show marriage stability benefits everyone, especially children.

The environment is best created by the husband and wife. The partnership is secure and you both know where you stand.

You need to be financially stable too, where any debt is controlled. Everything should be shared, fair and equal.

A wife can make sure this happens. Your husband may not know he needs this, but you need to make sure you’re part of any financial decisions.

It’s by working together you can ensure there is stability in the marriage. You’re emotionally stable for each other.

Happy couple

7. Intimacy

We all have needs where intimacy is concerned. At the same time, don’t feel obligated to do anything you don’t want to.

Sex is part of what separates a friendship from a romantic relationship. It’s important it’s maintained in your marriage.

A husband has needs in this regard like you. It’s essential to communicate outside of the bedroom as well as inside about intimacy.

Sometimes we have problems that make us struggle to be intimate. As a wife you should communicate with your husband, whether it’s his problem causing it or yours.

Try and make time to be intimate and explore what each other likes. Sex is something to be enjoyed and it’s good if you’re both left satisfied.

8. Affection

After intimacy comes affection and they are different and separate things. A husband may not admit it, but he needs affection from his wife.

These little signs a wife does to let her husband know she loves him really make a difference. It’s something that’s often neglected once you get married.

Not every sign of affection needs to occur in the bedroom. Some physical touches outside confirm and remind him what you feel for each other.

Introduce some flirting to show your husband he’s still desirable to you. Initiate a kiss or pinch his bum in public.

Remember what you used to do when you first met. Sometimes you couldn’t keep your hands off each other.

9. Love

No matter how much you show it. Your husband needs to hear you say it. Just remind him occasionally.

Of course you love him because you married him and your love may have grown over time. But there are all kinds of things you can do to let him know he still means a lot to you.

By showing you love him, you’re also appreciating what he does for you and the marriage. Treat him sometimes when he’s not expecting it. Husbands like surprises too.

The good thing about showing you love him is that it will be reciprocated. He’ll like the feeling and want you to feel it too.

There are all kinds of little things you can do to show you still love your husband. You may have a private signal to show you’re thinking of him in public.

10. Acceptance

A husband needs his wife to accept him for who he is. That’s what she did when she married him, for better or worse.

You’re not going to like everything he might say or do. But there needs to be some level of acceptance and moving on.

People don’t change and we all have habits. You may have some that he doesn’t appreciate.

You need to accept his friends and family. You may not get on with them. But he doesn’t need to hear that.

Acceptance is a foundation in all relationships and especially marriage. People who can accept one another live happier lives.

11. Trust

Trust is the foundation of what a husband and wife needs for a healthy marriage. You need to be able to trust each other in every way.

Trust is there to begin with and in a marriage. But it’s easy to lose, and when you’ve lost it. It takes work to get back.

A husband needs his wife to be truthful with him. There can’t be any lies or secrecy. Everything must be up front.

If you promised your husband something. He must know he can always count on you, his wife.

Trust is broken most when infidelity has compromised a marriage. It will take a lot of work for a husband to trust an unfaithful wife.

12. Care

A husband needs his wife to care for him. No matter what’s happened to the husband, he knows he might need it.

Each spouse will need to care for each other. The children as well need motherly support.

A wife can care for her husband just by checking he’s ok. He can show she cares just by her concern if he’s feeling down.

She will care by making sure his needs are met. A husband doesn’t have to be on a hospital bed for a wife to show she cares.

She should show care for herself and the home. Everyone and thing can benefit from a woman’s motherly and caring instinct.

13. Approval

A husband might not need his wife’s approval, but it goes a long way. It’s one thing that can greatly enhance a marriage.

I’m not referring to consent or permission, but something more emotional and physical. A wife’s approval that her husband is doing something right.

It’s like she’s got his back. What he’s doing or saying she’s 100% behind. This is a big deal for a husband.

No one likes to feel they’re doing something on their own. The support and approval from their wife means a lot.

The wife might like to do everything, but it’s nice if the husband gets to take control sometimes. If this is with her approval, then all the better.

14. Encouragement

A wife should encourage her husband. Self expression is a human need and a wife can bring this out in her spouse.

Maybe your husband is apprehensive about something. This is not good for anyone and so some encouragement goes a long way.

It’s very good for his mental wellbeing if someone wants him to take the next step. Sometimes a little push is all it takes.

Nothing is achieved by sitting back and watching. A wife should encourage her husband to get what he wants in life.

An attitude like this helps the marriage. You’re a partnership who together can take on anything if you put your minds to it.

Final thoughts

We often hear about needs when it comes to relationships. Those needs are just as important in marriage.

A husband can often feel neglected compared to their spouse. We all assume they’ll be ok when that’s not always the case.

This is why I’ve given 14 things a husband needs from their wife. Every one of them helps build the foundation of a good marriage.

The wife shouldn’t feel left out though. The needs I’ve gone through can benefit and apply to both spouses.

Once both the husband and wife’s needs are met. Then you can both work on the marriage to build a better future.

How Long Does It Take A Man To Realize What He Lost (Explained)

Happy couple

You’ve broken up with your man and maybe you’re having second thoughts.

You want to know if he’s having second thoughts too and when he’ll realize what he’s lost.

Here I go through 8 things that will make him regret losing you and realize he loves you.

Thoughts on breaking up with your man

You’ve split up with your man for good. It may have been on the cards for a while. Something may have happened.

Was it you who left him? Or did he leave you? Perhaps it’s not what you want and you still love him.

You want him back, he’s now your ex and you don’t want him to be. You’ve broken up and you want to know how long it will be on his side.

Who ever caused the break up. You want to know when he’ll realize what he’s lost, and when he’ll want to get back with you.

If you’re looking for a particular time frame, like days, weeks or months. You won’t find it here, because it’s not the passage of time that makes him miss you.

It’s how his life and your life have progressed since you split up. It’s what has happened to you both since you broke up.

There will be a moment when he realizes he may regret what he’s lost in being single from you. It can be one thing or a set of circumstances.

8 Things that will make a man regret losing you

These are some things that will make him realize what he’s lost. They may make him get in touch with you to get back together.

1. When he sees you’re happy without him

Even if the break up was his fault or choice. If he sees you happy and moving on with your life, he may start feeling regret.

If you post on social media and there are pictures of you out with friends enjoying life, it will affect him.

He will compare his life with yours. If you’re happier than he is now you’ve broken up, he’ll wonder why.

If the break up was from a long relationship, he’ll be in shock and expect you to be too.

If you take a foreign vacation or a house move, he will take note. We all like to know what our exes are doing.

2. When you’ve found another man

This will hurt him deeply. Even after you break up with someone, you don’t like seeing them with another partner.

It feels like they’re cheating on you. You know they’re allowed to move on and you can to, but it still affects you.

It’s when he sees evidence of you with someone else that may make him realize what he’s lost. Don’t be surprised if he contacts you for reconciliation talks soon afterwards.

Even if he has someone else, he won’t want you to do the same. It’s like if he can’t have you, he doesn’t want anyone else to either.

It’s an irrational way of thinking, but very common. It’s like a jealousy that burns away within him.

3. You being successful

Sometimes we watch what our exes are up to for a long period of time. Just a little look. There’s no harm in that, right?

If you have a dream in life and you’re realizing it. Then your ex may realize he has something he regrets losing.

A strong, independent woman is something to admire. We all want to be part of someone’s success.

Your ex may have seen potential in you, but was never there to see it realized. Perhaps he never thought you’d amount to anything and that’s why you broke up.

Your success will hit him hard, especially if he’s doing the same thing when you were together. Your life has improved while his hasn’t.

4. His life has fallen apart without you

Perhaps he really depended on you for emotional support. He may be struggling to cope without you.

Maybe it was your support that stopped him drinking or another addiction. Perhaps your love kept him from depression.

He may have thought he’d be fine without you, but now he realizes what he’s missing.

Some men who are on the edge are attractive. You think you can help them or change them. Sometimes it can work, but their egos are fragile.

It doesn’t take much for their world to fall apart. This could have happened whether you were with him or not. You may have broken up for this very reason.

He now realizes what he’s lost. Don’t get back with him because you feel sorry for him or to prop him up. His wellbeing is not your responsibility.

Men like this will often contact their exes all day and night wanting to get back together. They think you’re the answer to their problems. Don’t give in and keep safe.

Happy couple

5. His new girlfriends don’t compare

Whether he wanted to or not, you both broke up and he moved on. Perhaps he thought he could do better than you.

However, the girlfriends he’s had since you just don’t compare. He regrets breaking up and probably wants to get back together once he’s made this realization.

If he was the one who broke up with you, you might want to take him back. If you broke up with him, then you probably have your reasons why you’ll keep him as an ex.

Think long and hard about getting back together with a man like this. Is he accepting you as second best? Is he going to treat you better?

He clearly doesn’t know a good thing when he sees it and is indecisive. Make sure you do what’s best for you.

6. When you break off contact

When you simply stop talking to him anymore. When you go no contact, he will realize what he’s missing.

He’ll be used to you communicating with him all the time. He’ll depend on what you have to say and he’ll miss it when it’s gone.

It’s something that’s easily missed. He may have taken you for granted and now you’re gone, the realization has kicked in.

He feels lost without you being around. You must think to yourself, is he missing you, or just someone always being there?

He’s in shock and he may think that you’re the one to make the feeling go away. Whether you want to get back together, will depend on why you broke up in the first place.

7. You got engaged

When you’ve made a permanent commitment to someone else. Your ex will realize what he’s lost when there’s no chance of getting you back.

You met and fell in love with someone else. Enough to make a serious commitment. So you made the right decision in breaking up with your ex.

Don’t be surprised if your ex gets in contact with you in some way. He may “like” a picture of your engagement ring, but really he regrets what he’s lost.

He’ll wonder if it could have been him, even if he did the breaking up with you. You’ve made a lifelong commitment and it isn’t with him.

Some women remain friends with their exes. So you might see an interesting reaction if you’re there when he finds out. He’ll try to be happy for you.

8. You got pregnant

Having a baby is a big deal and your ex may wonder if it’s his. If it’s definitely not, he might feel a sense of loss.

If it could be his, he’ll be getting in contact with you quicker than you would ever know. He would have a parental responsibility.

If you broke up with your ex long ago and you got pregnant with your new man. Your ex will have mixed feelings.

If he’s got children of his own, he may be happy for you because he knows how it feels. If he hasn’t, he may be jealous of you both.

Either way, it’s time for you to forget him and work on yourself and your future. You and your baby’s health are the most important thing.

Be careful what you wish for

I’ve given you several things that will make a man realize what he’s lost in breaking up with you. Some of these things you shouldn’t do just for this reason.

Don’t use someone to get engaged or pregnant just to make your ex regret losing you. There are many ways to make an ex miss you, pregnancy isn’t one of them.

The best thing you can do is to get on with your life and this will have two benefits. One, your ex will regret losing you, if that’s what you want.

Second is that you may feel breaking up was the right thing to do. You may realize you’re better off without him. After all, you broke up for a reason.

The breaking contact is a good one as well. Just you ignoring him for a short while will make him miss you and realize what he’s lost.

Final thoughts

As you can see, it’s not when that will decide he’s lost without you, but what will make him feel this way.

It can happen very quickly or over a longer period of time. It depends on him and how much you meant to him.

I have listed some things above that will make him regret losing you. They are mainly to do with both your life experiences after the break up.

It’s quite common for a man to get in touch with an ex. What you do about it is up to you. Some people you know may think you’re better off without him.

Unfortunately, you have feelings and they can’t be turned off so easily. Just because he realizes what he’s lost, doesn’t make getting back together a good thing. So think carefully before making any decisions.

Starting A Long Distance Relationship With A Friend (5 Tips)

Happy couple

Many friendships start online. Social media is a way many people get befriended.

You build the friendship over a long distance and introduce romance over time.

It’s difficult, but it can work and my 5 tips in this article will help you get started.

Did the friendship start close to or long distance?

One important factor is, if you knew the friend before they became long distance. The relationship will have a different start.

If the relationship started close to each other and as a friend. Then you’ll have a big advantage over someone who you first met over a long distance.

You will have met more often and you can see their mannerisms and how they behave. A friendship can grow very quickly face to face.

You may know someone quite well and then they move out of town. A lot of getting to know someone is done physically and you will have done that already.

It may be how you missed them when they moved out of town. That may have convinced you to change the friendship into something romantic.

Your friendship may have blossomed over the long distance. If you get on well, have lots in common and like the look of each other. It’s only natural to want to take things further.

Romantic relationships can and do work over a long distance. They take a bit more work and a level of trust and commitment, but it can be done.

With the use of modern technology using services like zoom, you can communicate closer and more intimately than ever. You’ll start to treasure each call and contact.

Meeting someone over a long distance

With social media, distance means nothing. You can meet people over any distance and we consider this quite normal.

You may often get men or women you don’t know suddenly like your profile on facebook. They may like what you have to say or think romantically toward you already.

Sometimes comments and posts on various platforms online can form friendships. You go back and forth and realize you have things in common and you’d like to know each other better.

More and more romantic relationships begin online and many of these start over a long distance. Online dating itself is a way of connection where distance is not always a deciding factor.

You could argue nearly all relationships start off as friendships. This is especially the case when you meet online. Although a romantic connection is harder to establish over a distance.

Building a friendship over a long distance

This is not something we’re very used to. We’re used to meeting people face to face and agreeing to meet again at some point in the future.

This way the friendship grows as you meet and have new experiences together. You don’t have this at a distance.

You’ll probably start by frequenting whatever platform online you first met on. Then you may move onto emailing or another form of private discussion.

If you still get on well, you may have moved onto texting and calling each other. Speaking together will be a big deal if you haven’t heard each other before.

It could make or break as far as friendship goes and definitely something romantic. You both need to be able to communicate well together.

If that goes well, then you’ll find ways of growing the friendship further. Perhaps you’ll watch the same TV show and discuss what’s happening.

With social media, there are all sorts of ways you can get in touch and keep each other updated. Organize a regular contact schedule if you want to.

You’ll begin to look forward to hearing from each other. This is when you may start thinking about something more serious.

It’s only natural if you’re speaking to each other all the time that you may have started flirting already. That’s when things start to get exciting.

5 Tips on starting a long distance relationship with a friend

So your friendship has grown and you’ve gotten used to being in contact regularly. So how do you go about starting a long distance relationship?

1. Check their photos

This may seem like an obvious one. You get on like a house on fire, but do you like how they look?

Have you even seen a photo of them? Do you know how they look day to day? Are they your type?

Online dating profiles have a habit of looking nothing like the real person. If looks are a big reason you find your friend attractive, then be prepared for someone more ordinary looking.

It’s very difficult to get to see how someone looks day to day. Even on a zoom call the lighting can be flattering.

The only true way is by seeing someone face to face and that’s not going to be easy in a long distance relationship.

2. Start talking about the future

When we’re friends with someone, we don’t really talk about their future plans in life. Find out what your friend has in mind.

Talk about their history where relationships are concerned. These questions should give your friend the impression you’re interested in them romantically.

Find out where they plan to live in the future. Tell them about your plans as well. If you’re open and undecided, let your friend know.

By doing this, you’re doing the groundwork of knowing where you stand and if you both want the same things in life. It might be nice to do this before you tell them you’re interested in more than friendship.

Happy couple

3. Tell them how you feel

This happens at the start of every relationship but is a little harder if you’re friends to begin with. It’s like there’s more risk involved.

As with any friendship, this could make or break it. Hopefully you have a good idea if your suggestion will be well received. But you never know for sure.

It’s tough if you value the friendship, but if you want to take it further, then you must say something. You’ll always regret it otherwise.

Try not to put any pressure on your friend. It could be a surprise and they’ll need time to think about it. They’ll be a lot to talk about before deciding.

If you get a good response, be prepared for things to change. A new relationship will have started and you may both be a bit nervous at first.

4. Arrange a physical meeting

If it’s a friend you’ve met before and they’ve moved away, then it won’t be your first meeting. If not, then you need to arrange to see each other for the first time.

This will heavily depend on how far away from each other you live. You need to make special arrangements for both of you.

You will both need to travel somewhere. Do you want to go to your friend’s house or a hotel between you?

You need to arrange things to do. Try and make at least a weekend of it. Activities you can both do that will help you get to know each other.

Do things you arrange in advance that you both will enjoy doing. You’re both going to feel very nervous at your first meeting.

5. Strengthen your relationship

Now you’re officially seeing if a relationship could work between you, don’t stop enjoying each other’s company. Keep your contact schedule up.

Don’t get jealous or ask too many questions about who they’re seeing and when. You’re going to have to get used to things differently in a long distance relationship.

You must use your new status as a way of making the friendship stronger. That’s what a relationship is, a very strong friendship.

There are ways of being intimate even in long distance relationships. Talk about this as openly and cautiously as you can, as it may be new to one of you.

Do raise the subject though, as you’ll be able to satisfy each other sexually even if you can’t physically be there. It will make a physical meeting even more exciting if you already know what each other likes.

Challenges of starting a long distance relationship

Do know that it’s going to be difficult. It’s bad enough when you’re already romantically involved, but even harder when you’re just friends.

When you know you like each other, try and make the first physical meeting as soon as possible. This will prevent you from growing apart and confirms how you both feel.

Talk about reducing the distance if everything is going well. Even if you have to find a new job, look at starting a new life together.

Try and tell your friend how you feel on a face to face service like zoom, so you can see their reaction. Communication is a struggle in a long distance relationship.

Missing a regular call can be a big deal. Explain before if you’re not available and why. Make it up to them to show you care.

Beware of online relationship scams

There are people who will befriend someone on social media for nefarious reasons. They prey on vulnerable people by pretending to be their friend.

They start an elaborate friendship with them with no view of taking anything further. They’re doing it to get something out of the other person, normally money.

Don’t send money to anyone you meet online when they ask for it. They will give a variety of reasons and it’s nearly always a scam.

Speak to the police, your friends and family. The FTC have a special page about romance scams and how to avoid them.

These people lie and often profess their love very quickly. Don’t send money to anyone you haven’t met in person.

Final thoughts

Long distance relationships can definitely work. So can they when you start off as a friend. Just like they do when you live close to each other.

These days, relationships often start when you’re befriended on social media. It’s a new way of meeting people where distance doesn’t matter.

Building the friendship and making it romantic is a little more difficult over a long distance. Follow my tips above to help you get that done.

Communication is key and so is the first physical meeting. If it all goes well, talk about the future you have together and shortening the distance.

Just don’t let distance stop you from taking a friendship further if you feel it has potential. You may find a long term partner you’re very happy with. All starting from a distance.

What To Do When A Guy Ignores You After An Argument

Unhappy couple

Ignoring someone after an argument is not the best way of dealing with it.

Don’t put up with it if he does this every time. He needs to resolve arguments in a different way.

I have 5 tips that work for reaching out if your guy is doing this.

How he’s dealing with the argument

Some people deal with arguments amicably and some don’t. Some deal with it by ignoring their partner.

It may not bother some guys and they talk about their feelings as they go. When you’re in a relationship, an argument can have a special effect on you.

Your guy is seeing the only solution is to ignore you. This is not a way of moving forward. It doesn’t resolve the argument at all.

By ignoring you it means he’s still bothered by the argument and is trying to punish you for it. Sometimes this can last for hours, sometimes days and even weeks.

It’s actually an immature thing to do and displays a lack of emotional and social intelligence. Perhaps he feels he’s done nothing wrong and wants you to admit your wrongdoing.

He refuses to talk until you apologize or make it up to him. Maybe he saw the same behavior in his parents when he was growing up.

Instead of them resolving a disagreement, they would go silent. He knows no better and repeats this strategy as he’s got older.

Typical behavior of a guy ignoring you

The classic one is giving you the silent treatment. Where he would normally talk, he doesn’t. Where he would normally reply to you, he doesn’t.

Perhaps he’s not even acknowledging your presence. He’s acting like you don’t exist. This can happen in all kinds of relationships, but especially in romantic ones.

If you live apart, then he might go no contact on you. He’ll ignore your attempts at calling or texting. He won’t respond to you on social media.

If you live together, then ignoring you becomes more advanced and difficult to do. He’s somehow got to become more distant to you, despite bumping into each other all the time.

There could be silence as you eat your meals or watch television. Perhaps when you’re with friends, you both pretend everything is ok, but the argument hasn’t been resolved and he goes quiet again.

How it makes you feel

At first you might feel angry, after all, you’ve just had an argument. You may want to ignore him back or do something more proactive.

If you’re not the sort to get angry and are more sensitive, it might really bother you. It might hurt quite deeply on a personal level.

It could be like he’s disappeared where you’re concerned. You may wonder if he still loves you or even cares.

The lack of attention and acknowledgement can get you down. You have to try and disregard what he’s trying to do with his behavior and get on with your life.

When it’s someone you love it’s difficult to do. It does hurt, but he probably doesn’t know how much. If he did, he wouldn’t do it.

How long you have to wait

As I said before, if he’s determined it could take several weeks of him ignoring you to some degree. It will get to the point where someone will have to say something.

It’s like a Mexican stand off where one of you has to back down. He’s the one ignoring you and he probably feels in the right to do so.

You’re going to have to accept you may be wrong in the argument. Even if you weren’t. But for the sake of harmony and to end the stalemate.

If you can somehow both agree you did things wrong, then you can get over the hours, days or weeks of silence. Then you can both come out of it with your heads held high.

Try and do this sooner or later. If you have regular periods of silence between you, then you need to think about the relationship as a whole.

Unhappy couple

5 Tips for reaching out after an argument

This is all about you making the effort. You may not want to after an argument, but if he’s ignoring you, it’s for the best.

1. Use humor

You don’t have to tell him a joke, but if something funny has happened, it can break the animosity that’s in the air.

You know your boyfriend’s sense of humor so use it. Set him up to say something that will make you laugh and he’ll feel better.

This won’t solve the argument, but humor will get you talking again. It’s a way of stopping the cycle of him ignoring you.

2. Take responsibility

If an argument has occurred, there will be two sides to it. You need to take responsibility for your side.

Let him know what you were thinking and how you feel. Don’t blame or judge him. Just get some acceptance out there that you thought you were right.

After this, let him speak and listen to him. Let him explain his side of things. This should be done immediately after you’ve both calmed down and before the ignoring really starts.

3. Be humble

You may have to take blame for the greater good of the relationship. You may have to accept you were wrong and he is right. This is probably what he really wants to hear.

By being humble, you’re putting away your ego. You’re letting him win and he’s having the last word.

You may not agree with what you’re doing and saying in your mind. But some men like to think they’re right about everything and you’re letting that happen in this case.

This one is difficult. You’re not letting him walk all over you. You’re just verbally letting him have this one.

4. Make it right

You’ve taken responsibility and you’ve been humble. Now you may need to make right whatever caused the argument in the first place.

Sometimes the ignoring won’t stop until you physically do what you promised. Even if it means changing your mind, just do it.

You may need to make it up to him. Treat him to something unexpected and he’ll soon stop behaving you as though you don’t exist.

5. Talk it through

I mean this more than just talking the argument through. You need to talk about ways of dealing with arguments in the future.

You still love each other so you must find ways of resolving disputes without resorting to vindictive measures. Emotionally hurting is not the way to go about it.

Find a time and place when you can have this serious conversation. Your relationship may depend on it.

Don’t allow it to continue

Ignoring you occasionally is not the right way to deal with problems. Don’t allow him to make a habit of it.

If it’s a new relationship, then you could see it as a sign of things to come. You’re dating a man who has unconventional ways of dealing with his feelings.

Put him on notice in your mind and to his face. You must let him know that if he’s going to date you, he must find other ways of resolving arguments.

His way of dealing with an argument is by punishing you afterwards. That’s what he’s doing by ignoring you.

How long it goes on for is important. If it’s for days or even longer, that should bring up red flags about him to you.

When the silent treatment goes too far

There’s a lot of debate about silent treatment in psychology. What is it and the affect it has on the person.

There’s ignoring someone and then there’s giving someone the silent treatment. Both are bad and even worse when you live with that person.

Some call it a form of control and say it has lasting effects on the person it’s being done to. They say it’s manipulation.

If it’s being done to you, think about how it makes you feel and how you feel about your partner. Has it always happened or is it something new?

Always reach out to other people and don’t bottle it up inside of you. There are organizations that can help if it bothers you.

Final thoughts

When a guy ignores you after an argument, use my tips for reaching out to him. It may take both of you to resolve the argument.

There are all kinds of way a guy can ignore you. They can all affect you and you don’t have to put up with it.

If it’s someone you’re dating, think about his way of treating you. Do you want to continue a relationship with someone like that?

If he’s an argumentative type, you could be having to tread carefully whenever something could irritate him. That’s not a good way to live.

If you really like him and he’s a genuinely good person. Then maybe you can get past the odd reaction after an argument. But not too often.

How To Tell A Guy You Like Him Without Scaring Him Off

Happy couple

If you’re getting on well with a guy and you have feelings for him. It’s only natural you want to tell him you like him.

If you approach him gently, you should get a good reaction and not scare him off.

In this article I’ve gone through 5 tips on how to tell a guy you like him.

Telling a guy you like him

Telling a guy you like him is when you’re putting your heart on the line. You may know him already and you want him to know that you like him in a romantic way.

You may have been flirting with him and he’s not getting the message. Perhaps the relationship is a friendly one, but you’re starting to get feelings and you’d like to take it further.

What you need to know first is that by telling him you like him, you’re doing the right thing. If you don’t say something, it could be something you’d always regret.

You two could have real potential and he could always be the one that got away. You don’t get anywhere in life if you don’t put yourself out there.

It won’t be without its negative possibilities. It could make an existing friendship awkward to the point it could end or you may be rejected, which hurts.

Is he a stranger or a friend?

If he’s a stranger or you don’t know him well, he might have a girlfriend already. You never really know unless you ask and you’ll feel slightly awkward if he does, but life goes on.

The positives far outweigh the negatives. I’ve spoken with someone who liked a close friend for years. He had different girlfriends and she never said anything.

She practically loved him and never wanted a boyfriend herself. She wasted years not knowing if the guy felt the same way. If he didn’t, she could have met someone else.

Don’t be like that. Whether you’re already friends with this guy or not, if you like him, you must tell him.

Yes, you may scare him off. Is that so bad? A proper man will take a woman liking him as a compliment and not run a mile. There may be some embarrassment on your part, but only briefly.

He may already know you like him

This reminds me of being at school. But word gets around. If he’s part of your social circle, then friends may have already told him you like him.

He may have read your signals and realized you like him a bit more than other guys. It can be quite obvious sometimes and that’s not a bad thing.

Sometimes it’s easier to tell a stranger you like them, rather than a friend. Perhaps the guy feels the same way and wants to say something himself.

He may be worried about saying something for the exact same reasons you are. He doesn’t want to scare you off and is afraid of rejection.

Whether he feels the same way or not, you can’t go on having these feelings and not acting on them. You may go well together.

Why do you want to tell him?

Before you take the plunge, you need to think about why you want to tell your guy. What do you plan to get out of it?

If you’re currently in a friendship with him, then you’re clearly not happy with the way things are. You want to take things further.

You want to start dating this guy with a view to being in a relationship with him. You want to know how he feels.

You want something more and it’s a commitment. You want to see if there’s the possibility of you two getting together.

Sometimes you’re not looking for a new friend. You have enough friends already and you want something more serious and this guy could be it.

Happy couple

5 Tips on telling a guy you like him

It’s best to warm him up first by making him receptive to you. Make him like you first and he’ll be more likely to give a relationship a try.

1. Flirt with him

Get your flirting game in check. Keep eye contact with him and pay close attention to what he says. Hang on his every word.

A great one is to touch him. This is a big clue that you like someone and he’ll subconsciously know it. Make it subtle and he’ll soon look at you in a different way.

Start conversations with him and be interested in what he’s doing and what he thinks about things. You’ll get to know him better and he’ll read this as signs you like him.

He will like you more when you flirt with him and he won’t be scared off when you tell him you like him. He’ll already have a hunch that you do.

2. Tell him by text

I’m not sure this is the best way to tell someone you like them. But it protects you from any embarrassment you may feel and is private.

Don’t text it out of the blue. Send a series of texts to lead up to asking him on a date. Make it clear it’s to be just you two.

Make sure there are a few emojis in there and don’t keep asking if he doesn’t respond straight away.

Whether he says yes or no, when you see him, approach him and talk to him so there’s no awkwardness. If he’s said yes, then it could be the beginning of a blossoming relationship. If no, then you can get the friendship back.

3. Tell him face to face

This is the best way to tell him you like him and takes the most guts. Take him to one side and begin a normal conversation.

As the conversation flows, then ask him on a date. Don’t tell him you like him out right. Just invite him to spend more time with you on a one to one level.

If he doesn’t get it, then you may need to make it more clear that you like him and want to see if you both could work as a couple.

Using this approach, you won’t scare him off as you’re being gradual. Just relax when you talk to him and give him the chance to speak.

4. Spend time with him

Do this both before and after telling a guy you like him. Spending time with him before you tell prepares you both for the question that’s about to come.

If a guy likes you as well, then of course you should spend plenty of time together. You have the confidence of knowing it’s what he wants too.

If you tell him and you don’t get a positive response. Still spend some time with him and find out what turned him off.

You need to know this so you don’t make the same mistake again. Perhaps you never had enough in common or he doesn’t see you in that way.

5. Smile when he talks

When you tell a guy you like him, do it with a smile on your face. If you don’t look happy, you’ll scare him off.

Try and maintain your positive expression even if he doesn’t have good news for you. You may feel disappointed, but try and maintain your demeanor.

Before you’ve asked him, he should see you as a cheerful person. People like to be with someone who has a happy nature.

Don’t force it though. There’s a fine line between being too happy and being nuts. Be natural and who you are, and you’ll be ok.

Final thoughts

What you need to do is tell the guy you like him. Whether it scares him off you don’t have much control over and it shouldn’t matter to you.

If you’ve followed some of the steps above, he may know you like him already. It shouldn’t be a shock to him and a guy would be flattered by your interest.

Don’t worry about how he reacts because you’re not doing anything wrong. Quite the opposite. Guys are told they’re liked by girls all the time.

You may regret telling him and you may feel rejection if he doesn’t like you back in that way. But you’re always better off getting your feelings out in the open.

I’ve gone through some ways of telling him above. Face to face is best and if you’re open to what you want. He’ll be ok with you telling him you like him.