How Do Boyfriends And Girlfriends Act? (Natural Is Best)

Happy couple

You may be a very new and young couple and you’re wondering how a boyfriend and girlfriend should act.

We tend to go by what we see other people do and copy. But is that the best way?

Here I go through how you should both act in public and by yourselves so you look ok and can discover if you really get on.

How to act together

A boyfriend and girlfriend should act respectfully while getting to know each other. You should spend quality time together and see what you both think about things. Be affectionate, make each other laugh and see how you feel over time.

You should act naturally

If you’re new to dating, then forget about what you see in movies and television adverts. Things don’t happen like that. Real life isn’t scripted.

You should ignore how your friends act around their boyfriends or girlfriends. You should do what you feel with someone you want to know.

You may feel nervous and shy at first, but then everyone is around new people. Especially when we’re on a date, we want to make a good first impression.

You should act like what you really are. People who see potential in a relationship and want to get to know each other better.

There are no rules about holding hands. You should go with what you and your partner feel.

You clearly both think you’re a match so you can be confident you should both like what you say and do.

Ultimately, you should respect each other first of all. This will be appreciated and the relationship will grow naturally.

Boyfriends and girlfriends talk to each other

This is probably the most important part of being in a relationship, whether or not it’s new. You should communicate all the time.

You need to find out how much you have in common and what you both think about things. You need to see if you have similar opinions.

You need to find out about how each other feels about the relationship. You need to be interested in each other and what they like doing.

The best way of doing this is by going on dates. It could be the movies, bowling or eating out. This means you always have something to talk about.

Even if you’re with friends, don’t ignore each other. Include them in your conversation and check they’re enjoying them self.

If there are any problems, you can always talk about it with your boyfriend or girlfriend. They should be able to show support and encouragement.

At the same time, listening is a great quality a couple can share with each other. To truly get to know one another you need to listen and hear what they have to say.

They have fun together

You should always be able to enjoy yourself with your partner. That last thing you should be is bored when you’re getting to know someone.

You should go on dates where you do things you both enjoy and can have fun doing. This is important because you see if time spent together makes you happy.

Boyfriends and girlfriends should make each other laugh. We often pick our partner based on their sense of humor, so bringing that out is essential.

Don’t force it, but jokes about a situation you’re in, or what’s going on, can really go down well. It shows you have an easygoing personality.

This is how you see partners act when they’re around each other. You can see by a tell-tale smile that they like one another.

Don’t be too serious as it helps you both relax, and that’s when fun can flow. There should be no need to worry when you’re on a date.

Happy couple

Boyfriends and girlfriends show they care

This is a normal way they act with each other. You connect on a deeper level and notice subtle signs that show your partner may need you.

You may hold hands if it’s something you both feel comfortable in doing and feels right. It’s a sign you’re together and mean something.

When you talk you often look into each other’s eyes that little bit longer to take everything in. It’s an enjoyable feeling.

You often feel protective of one another as your relationship and feelings develop. This is another sign of caring more deeply.

You can also care by giving each other space when they want it. Don’t be clingy and allow your partner to be an individual in their own right.

People will see the way you act towards each other. You can tell when you see a boyfriend and girlfriend because of the way they care.

They are affectionate

As well as holding hands, there is often more touching than you with a regular friend, for example.

You may flirt or tease and tell each other what you like that they do or say. This makes you both feel good and confirms you’re happy together.

Happy couples may kiss on the lips instead of the cheek if you’re both ok with it. There could be cuddling and caressing when the relationship has progressed.

You may buy a gift for him or her as a way of saying you like them. It’s a sign of affection that’s usually very well received.

Compliment and praise each other to make them feel better about them self. You will often see couples do this.

Boyfriends and girlfriends spend time together

They spend time exclusively with each other. We can all see friends and enjoy our time with them. But being alone together means much more.

Time spent together is like an investment. Time is the most important thing in life. No one can have more time, so what you do with it says a lot.

This is why couples always make time for each other. Whatever stage you’re at as boyfriend and girlfriend, your time is like a commitment you share.

Only spending time together will you know if you can take your relationship further. Only then you’ll know if you’re a true match.

If you plan to be with each other, you need to keep to it like a promise. That’s what couples do, they honor their promises to one another.

They are interested in each other

A boyfriend and girlfriend want to know everything they can about the other. We become a sponge and want to know every detail.

We want to know their past, their present and their future. We want to know what they think about TikTok videos, light entertainment shows and more.

You can spend hours talking to each other about things that don’t really matter. You enjoy hearing them talk and expressing them self.

On dates, partners interested to see how each other reacts in certain situations and what they do or say.

It’s all about seeing if the partner is someone we want to spend a long future with. We do that by spending time together.

Final thoughts

If you’re a new boyfriend and girlfriend and you’re wondering how you should act, then it should be natural.

You act respectfully towards each other so you know where you stand. You see this in every successful relationship.

That’s what you both want at the end, to find out if you really go together and enjoy each other’s company.

Where affection is concerned, go with what you both feel and no further if it’s not wanted.

As long as you communicate effectively you’ll get through the awkward first few dates. Then you’ll start to act like a normal couple.

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