How Do Husbands Show Love? (14 Signs To Look For)

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Some men aren’t very good at showing love, it doesn’t come naturally to them. Maybe you have a husband who used to show you love when you first got together.

Perhaps you can’t tell or you’re wondering if he still feels the same about you as he did before.

Your husband may still show love but it might not be immediately clear.

Here I go through some of the tell-tale signs he still loves you and some are really nice.

How do husbands show love?

Husbands will show their love in many ways. Some may be obvious and some subtle. Sometimes gifts are given and other times an appreciative look may be noticed. All these are signs of love from a husband.

8 subtle signs he loves you

These may not be so obvious but are difficult to fake. Anyone can say they love you but these signs show someone still has you in their mind.

These will make you feel really good inside when you notice them. You’ll know that your husband does still feel love for you.

1. You catch him looking at you

Perhaps you could be talking to someone and you catch him in the corner of your eye observing you.

This means he still admires you. He likes the way you carry yourself and can see your inner confidence. He probably loves that about you.

The best thing to do is stop what you’re doing and look back at him. If this makes him smile at you then love is definitely there.

If he looks at you in the bedroom as you’re getting dressed. You’ll know with his look that he still finds you desirable.

2. He’s interested in your opinion

If he values you as a person and loves you, he’ll want to know what you think. He may want your input about what he’s got on his mind.

You come as two and he’ll value what you have to say, he’s interested in what you think.

If he tells you a lot and he likes to know what’s happening in your life. There’s a connection that means something to him.

3. He likes seeing you happy

We always enjoy seeing the people we love happy. If seeing you smile makes him smile, then love is there.

If he still likes to make you laugh and seeing joy on your face. Then he’s definitely appreciating the time you spend together.

Sometimes this may not seem obvious, but if he does and says things that still make you smile. He does it on purpose because he loves you.

4. He wants to socialize with you

Time spent together is very important. If he’s suggesting you do things with each other or as a family, he still appreciates you.

This is especially true if you’re going on dates like romantic meals or movie nights. That extra effort means something to him.

If he’s arranging nights out with you as a couple beyond dates, like when seeing friends. He likes you being involved.

5. You feel his support

Your husband should always have your back and if you have any problems. You go to him and he sorts it out, that’s a good thing.

If you’re feeling down and he’s there to cheer you up. Maybe you’ve had some bad news. He’ll want to change your mood for the better by doing everything he can.

If there’s any conflict in your life, you need to count on someone to be there for you. That’s what a loving husband will do.

Any problems you may be having will be his too and he’ll be a shoulder for you to lean on and listen to.

6. Your special days are important to him

Days like your birthday, anniversary and valentines day will mean a lot to a husband who loves his wife.

If he makes a real effort on these days and he see’s them as important to him too, it says a lot about his feelings

He should be planning what to do far in advance on these special days as they only happen once a year. They are a celebration of what you have together.

He’ll want to make sure you enjoy these days as much as possible. If an unusual gift or a new restaurant is tried, he wants to make the day even more special.

7. He cares about your feelings

If he’s upset you or said something you might not enjoy hearing, he’ll be concerned and check you’re ok.

If you’re unhappy at all, he’ll ask what’s wrong and do everything he can to make it right. That’s what a good husband does.

He should be able to pick up on any negativity from you because he knows you so well and loves you.

If he thinks you feel in any way insecure or not confident for any reason. It’s something he’ll ask you about and want you to share with him to make it better.

If a husband can apologize to his wife, it means a lot. Whether or not he’s done something wrong, if he can say sorry, it’s a sign of love.

Happy couple

8. He does the little things

These can sometimes mean the most. Maybe the towel you use is on the floor, he’ll put it where it belongs for you.

If you’ve dropped something, he’s there to pick it up. Maybe he simply opens the door for you or makes sure you’re dry in the rain.

These little things a husband should do for a wife and they all mean something. They mean he’s a good man and he cares about you.

He realizes you’re a partnership and you work together. He works on the details to make everything right for both of you.

6 obvious signs he loves you

When he does these things, it’s a definite sign of love. There’s no thinking about his true intentions, he’s being up front.

These are very obvious and leave you in no doubt your husband is showing his love. People in romantic relationships always do this.

1. He says he loves you

These are the words that separate a normal relationship from one that’s special. A husband and wife should hear this from each other all the time.

Sometimes he has to express what he feels and these words come out. They’re nice to hear in any situation.

If he says this without any prompt from you, that really means something. We can always say it in response but out of the blue is different.

Sometimes these words are easy to say and become automatic but we all know when it’s really meant and from a husband it really counts.

2. He buys you gifts

He may buy you gifts for your birthday, but coming home from work with a bunch of flowers for no reason is a sure sign of love.

If perhaps it’s a gift you weren’t expecting. That he’s clearly taken time to choose or maybe it’s one that means a lot, it shows how well he knows you.

A loving husband enjoys seeing their wife’s face light up when opening a gift and is an obvious sign he cares.

3. You get intimate with each other

If you’re getting physical in and out of the bedroom and the lust is there. Then love follows it too.

If he cares about your enjoyment and satisfaction when you’re getting intimate. Then you have someone you should keep.

Cuddling while watching a movie at home. Close physical contact and touching is something obvious a husband in love does.

If he says romantic things for your ears only while in a group of people. It’s him expressing his love and he wants you to know it.

4. He talks about the future

A sure sign he loves you is he talks about the future and you’re in it. If he makes plans and they involve you then things are good for him.

This is especially true if they’re big plans. Does he plan on moving soon or having children? Only a happy husband would talk about these things.

Security is important to men as well and he’ll want to know how you feel about the future. He’ll want to know you feel the same way.

5. You’re his priority

His wife will be the number one priority in a loving husband’s life. Nothing is more important than her health and happiness.

You’ll feel it because if you need anything from him at all, he’ll be there. He’ll move Heaven and Earth to make sure you have what you need.

If you want him to do something, he’ll do it. If it’s important to you, then it will be important to him.

6. He compliments you

A husband has no problem in saying when his wife looks good or when she’s done or said something he likes.

He wants you to know that he still loves you and loves the way you are and the things you do.

We all need validation occasionally. A husband who does this for his wife does it because he knows how it makes her feel.

Final thoughts

If your husband does some of the things above, then you have a good man who clearly thinks the world of you. Perhaps you should realize it a bit more often.

As you can see, there are many ways a husband shows his love. But if you’re not noticing it or he’s no good at showing it, then you need to ask him.

It’s no good if you and your husband stick to the same routine every day. If you don’t show any appreciation for each other every so often.

Sometimes it’s a two way street and telling him you love him may make him express his love for you a bit more.

All we need to do is make an effort and talk a bit more about how we feel. Then you’ll both feel the benefit.

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