How Long Does It Take A Man To Realize What He Lost (Explained)

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You’ve broken up with your man and maybe you’re having second thoughts.

You want to know if he’s having second thoughts too and when he’ll realize what he’s lost.

Here I go through 8 things that will make him regret losing you and realize he loves you.

Thoughts on breaking up with your man

You’ve split up with your man for good. It may have been on the cards for a while. Something may have happened.

Was it you who left him? Or did he leave you? Perhaps it’s not what you want and you still love him.

You want him back, he’s now your ex and you don’t want him to be. You’ve broken up and you want to know how long it will be on his side.

Who ever caused the break up. You want to know when he’ll realize what he’s lost, and when he’ll want to get back with you.

If you’re looking for a particular time frame, like days, weeks or months. You won’t find it here, because it’s not the passage of time that makes him miss you.

It’s how his life and your life have progressed since you split up. It’s what has happened to you both since you broke up.

There will be a moment when he realizes he may regret what he’s lost in being single from you. It can be one thing or a set of circumstances.

8 Things that will make a man regret losing you

These are some things that will make him realize what he’s lost. They may make him get in touch with you to get back together.

1. When he sees you’re happy without him

Even if the break up was his fault or choice. If he sees you happy and moving on with your life, he may start feeling regret.

If you post on social media and there are pictures of you out with friends enjoying life, it will affect him.

He will compare his life with yours. If you’re happier than he is now you’ve broken up, he’ll wonder why.

If the break up was from a long relationship, he’ll be in shock and expect you to be too.

If you take a foreign vacation or a house move, he will take note. We all like to know what our exes are doing.

2. When you’ve found another man

This will hurt him deeply. Even after you break up with someone, you don’t like seeing them with another partner.

It feels like they’re cheating on you. You know they’re allowed to move on and you can to, but it still affects you.

It’s when he sees evidence of you with someone else that may make him realize what he’s lost. Don’t be surprised if he contacts you for reconciliation talks soon afterwards.

Even if he has someone else, he won’t want you to do the same. It’s like if he can’t have you, he doesn’t want anyone else to either.

It’s an irrational way of thinking, but very common. It’s like a jealousy that burns away within him.

3. You being successful

Sometimes we watch what our exes are up to for a long period of time. Just a little look. There’s no harm in that, right?

If you have a dream in life and you’re realizing it. Then your ex may realize he has something he regrets losing.

A strong, independent woman is something to admire. We all want to be part of someone’s success.

Your ex may have seen potential in you, but was never there to see it realized. Perhaps he never thought you’d amount to anything and that’s why you broke up.

Your success will hit him hard, especially if he’s doing the same thing when you were together. Your life has improved while his hasn’t.

4. His life has fallen apart without you

Perhaps he really depended on you for emotional support. He may be struggling to cope without you.

Maybe it was your support that stopped him drinking or another addiction. Perhaps your love kept him from depression.

He may have thought he’d be fine without you, but now he realizes what he’s missing.

Some men who are on the edge are attractive. You think you can help them or change them. Sometimes it can work, but their egos are fragile.

It doesn’t take much for their world to fall apart. This could have happened whether you were with him or not. You may have broken up for this very reason.

He now realizes what he’s lost. Don’t get back with him because you feel sorry for him or to prop him up. His wellbeing is not your responsibility.

Men like this will often contact their exes all day and night wanting to get back together. They think you’re the answer to their problems. Don’t give in and keep safe.

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5. His new girlfriends don’t compare

Whether he wanted to or not, you both broke up and he moved on. Perhaps he thought he could do better than you.

However, the girlfriends he’s had since you just don’t compare. He regrets breaking up and probably wants to get back together once he’s made this realization.

If he was the one who broke up with you, you might want to take him back. If you broke up with him, then you probably have your reasons why you’ll keep him as an ex.

Think long and hard about getting back together with a man like this. Is he accepting you as second best? Is he going to treat you better?

He clearly doesn’t know a good thing when he sees it and is indecisive. Make sure you do what’s best for you.

6. When you break off contact

When you simply stop talking to him anymore. When you go no contact, he will realize what he’s missing.

He’ll be used to you communicating with him all the time. He’ll depend on what you have to say and he’ll miss it when it’s gone.

It’s something that’s easily missed. He may have taken you for granted and now you’re gone, the realization has kicked in.

He feels lost without you being around. You must think to yourself, is he missing you, or just someone always being there?

He’s in shock and he may think that you’re the one to make the feeling go away. Whether you want to get back together, will depend on why you broke up in the first place.

7. You got engaged

When you’ve made a permanent commitment to someone else. Your ex will realize what he’s lost when there’s no chance of getting you back.

You met and fell in love with someone else. Enough to make a serious commitment. So you made the right decision in breaking up with your ex.

Don’t be surprised if your ex gets in contact with you in some way. He may “like” a picture of your engagement ring, but really he regrets what he’s lost.

He’ll wonder if it could have been him, even if he did the breaking up with you. You’ve made a lifelong commitment and it isn’t with him.

Some women remain friends with their exes. So you might see an interesting reaction if you’re there when he finds out. He’ll try to be happy for you.

8. You got pregnant

Having a baby is a big deal and your ex may wonder if it’s his. If it’s definitely not, he might feel a sense of loss.

If it could be his, he’ll be getting in contact with you quicker than you would ever know. He would have a parental responsibility.

If you broke up with your ex long ago and you got pregnant with your new man. Your ex will have mixed feelings.

If he’s got children of his own, he may be happy for you because he knows how it feels. If he hasn’t, he may be jealous of you both.

Either way, it’s time for you to forget him and work on yourself and your future. You and your baby’s health are the most important thing.

Be careful what you wish for

I’ve given you several things that will make a man realize what he’s lost in breaking up with you. Some of these things you shouldn’t do just for this reason.

Don’t use someone to get engaged or pregnant just to make your ex regret losing you. There are many ways to make an ex miss you, pregnancy isn’t one of them.

The best thing you can do is to get on with your life and this will have two benefits. One, your ex will regret losing you, if that’s what you want.

Second is that you may feel breaking up was the right thing to do. You may realize you’re better off without him. After all, you broke up for a reason.

The breaking contact is a good one as well. Just you ignoring him for a short while will make him miss you and realize what he’s lost.

Final thoughts

As you can see, it’s not when that will decide he’s lost without you, but what will make him feel this way.

It can happen very quickly or over a longer period of time. It depends on him and how much you meant to him.

I have listed some things above that will make him regret losing you. They are mainly to do with both your life experiences after the break up.

It’s quite common for a man to get in touch with an ex. What you do about it is up to you. Some people you know may think you’re better off without him.

Unfortunately, you have feelings and they can’t be turned off so easily. Just because he realizes what he’s lost, doesn’t make getting back together a good thing. So think carefully before making any decisions.

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