How To Be High Value When He Pulls Away (Answered)

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If you’ve been seeing your man for a while and he starts losing interest, he may be pulling away.

You may recognize the signs and want to keep your head held high while he does it.

In this article I go through how to stay high value, and what to do with men who do this.

Is he pulling away or not?

Is he really pulling away? Do you suddenly want more from the relationship and he’s not providing it? Perhaps he’s just going at his own pace.

Has something happened the last time you saw him and you’re worried? Maybe it meant more to you than him, and he’s just carrying on the relationship as normal.

Is the relationship very new and you’re still getting to know each other? He may not be pulling away. He may just see you as dating and not boyfriend and girlfriend yet.

If you’ve only just slept with him, you may be anxious for him to get in touch. You may be concerned that’s all he wanted from you.

If a man stopped contact after having sex in the past. He may feel it’s a one night stand and nothing more.

5 Signs your man is pulling away

You are probably sensing he’s pulling away already and you just want confirmation. Here are some signs to look for.

1. He doesn’t return your texts or calls

If you’re used to him texting or phoning you often. Then you may think he’s pulling away if he doesn’t do it so regularly.

You’ve tried to get in touch with him and you get no response. Perhaps you’ve left it a suitable amount of time.

In a normal romantic relationship, you keep each other updated with that you’re doing. If your man doesn’t bother all of a sudden, he’s pulling away.

This is one of the first signs the relationship isn’t going any further. A man who still wants you will keep in contact.

2. He keeps cancelling on you

If you could count on going on a date or seeing your man every week and it stops. He’s pulling away and could be shy of commitment.

Canceling is easy to do by text or a call and not face to face. He may promise something when he sees you, but it doesn’t happen when the time comes.

He may make every excuse you can think of. Everything else seems more important, so you need to ask him why.

Some people are busy, but we make time for the woman in our life. Unless he doesn’t want to see you anymore.

3. He doesn’t say much

Has he seemed to lose his usual talkative behavior? When you see him, does it normally take a lot for him to stop talking?

If he doesn’t seem keen to tell you what’s going on like he used to, he could be pulling away. He should want to share everything with you.

This is especially the case if you haven’t seen him lately and he doesn’t say much when you do. He could be losing interest and this is the beginning.

You need to ask him why he’s not speaking so much. There could be personal reasons that have nothing to do with you.

4. He doesn’t seem to care

Does he seem to go through the motions when you see him? Do you tell him something and it doesn’t spark any reaction in him?

If you tell him something that concerns you or you’re worried about, and he gives you a short answer. He could be pulling away.

Someone who still has his heart set on you cares about your feelings. He shouldn’t say anything hurtful and should encourage you to express yourself.

This one is hard for him to conceal. If he doesn’t care so much, it will be obvious to you and it shouldn’t happen in the middle of a relationship.

5. Things aren’t progressing

It could be that he just likes to take things slowly. But if he doesn’t talk about the future anymore with you in it, it’s a bad sign.

He doesn’t have to talk about starting a family, but if he can’t decide when he’s next going to see you. That’s a problem to look out for.

A happy man makes plans to spend time with you. You should be his priority and he wants to make sure you’re available when he is.

This one is subtle and you may not notice it at first. If you think he’s doing this, keep an eye out for other tell-tale signs too.

5 Ways to stay a high value woman

Despite what you may feel if your man is pulling away. You don’t have to let it get you down.

1. Know your worth

You’re still desirable in your own right and don’t have to rebound with another man. Men can pull away, but don’t let it affect you.

You can learn from the experience and not to let it impact future relationships. This is what a high value woman does.

You know it’s the man’s loss if the relationship ends. You may have seen potential but you’re never short of admirers.

Your friends can see your attitude to what’s happened and they back you all the way. You’ve probably done nothing wrong yourself.

2. Love and respect yourself

A high value woman doesn’t need a man for validation. She has too much respect for herself for that.

She can only love a man as much as he loves her. She loves herself and so her man should love her equally.

You deserve nothing less than the best, and if a man doesn’t treat you right, then it’s not meant to be.

A man pulling away shows disrespect for the relationship and you as a woman. You’d be right not to put up with it.

3. Stay classy

Despite everything that has happened. A high value woman doesn’t talk down someone else and moves on.

She knows she is beautiful both outside and in. She doesn’t need a man to tell her so.

She takes care of herself, no matter how it makes her feel. She still leaves the home with pride, looking and feeling her best.

Keep your head held high and don’t let anyone else get the impression you may be hurting inside. You’re better than that.

4. Be kind and warm

Don’t let someone pulling away affect how you treat other people. Everyone is different and they still deserve your respect.

You have compassion for others and it shows. You still have passion for things you feel are right.

You’re able to express yourself and compliment others. That’s what other people like about you in the first place and you haven’t changed.

You can be a vulnerable woman and it’s ok to show it now and again. No one’s perfect and the people that love you know this.

5. Take the higher ground

It would be very easy to think all men are bastards and only after one thing. A high value woman knows this is not true and respects everyone’s individuality.

By taking the higher ground it will impress those around you. Friends will want to be like you and men will find you attractive.

You can carry yourself with dignity whatever negative experiences you’ve had. You’re still able to have fun.

You can be happy on your own if you need to be. You don’t need a man to make your life full and complete.

5 Things to do when he pulls away

So he’s been pulling away from you and you probably want to know why. You want to resolve the situation, so what do you do?

1. At first, do nothing

Give your man space. After all, that’s what he really wants if he doesn’t say much or keeps cancelling on you.

If he hasn’t ended the relationship outright, then he’s still considering his options. He may have problems he needs to sort out.

With time, he can think about the good and bad times he had with you. Then he can decide if it’s you he wants to be with.

At this stage, leave him be. There’s nothing you can say that’s going to make his mind up for him. You’ll only make things worse if you keep on at him.

2. Focus on yourself

There’s no better time to improve yourself when you have more time on your hands. Start something new you haven’t done before that you may enjoy.

Think about your job and if it’s really making you happy. Think about your living situation and if it’s the most suitable for you.

There are all kinds of things you can do which you may not have thought of. Your man pulling away could be the catalyst for change.

Start getting fit and healthy. A new exercise routine could make you look and feel a lot better.

3. Continue living your life

Don’t retreat back into yourself. Don’t wallow in self pity and get yourself out there. Meet new people and go out with your friends.

Take time to visit your family and see how they are. Maybe there’s a friend who live out of town you haven’t seen for a while.

Keep posting on social media with everything you’re doing. Your man will see you can be happy with or without him.

You could even go on the odd date with other men. You’re on a break after all and it will make you feel better.

4. Think about what went wrong

Don’t obsess over it, but a few thoughts and maybe the opinion of some others could help you work out what went wrong.

Bare in mind, it could be nothing to do with you. He could be the wrong man for you, or he has issues himself with commitment.

It’s not nice your man pulling away but don’t assume the worst. You may think a lot of him, but there are other men out there who won’t make you feel this way.

You may want to think about the man you seem to attract or go for. See if you could identify a regular pattern.

5. In time, see if he’s ok

If he’s pulled away from you, it can’t go on forever. After a while, you need to know where you stand.

To make sure it’s not indefinite, you may want to take some steps to get in contact with him. You don’t want to scare him off or annoy him though.

Therefore, a text asking how he is after a few weeks seems fair. You deserve to know what’s going on in his mind.

He may be happy to hear from you and had been thinking of you. Either way, you’ve started the conversation that needs to happen.

What to do if you get him back

Try not to threaten him should he do it again, and don’t blame him for how it made you feel. He may have good reasons as far as he’s concerned.

However, you need to know what prompted him to pull away. You need to see if it’s something that can be resolved one way or another.

You need to find out if he feels differently and where the relationship is. Can everything just go back to normal?

Don’t talk about the future too soon. But still think if you get the feeling he really wants to stay with you or if he’s just pleasing you.

Sometimes couples can come back stronger after they work out their differences. Only time will tell if you’re both willing to wait.

What to do if men always seem to pull away

If it happens often, there are a couple of things to think about. What happened to make them do it and the kind of man you’re going for.

If they seem to do it after you’ve slept with them, you need to wait before you get intimate.

If it seems to happen after an argument, you need to think about if you over react. Maybe you have a bit of a temper and they are frightened of it.

There could be many other things and you need to think about whether it’s something you’ve done or not.

It could be that you attract the wrong man. You get on briefly, but there’s nothing to sustain the relationship further and it fizzles out.

You need to take a risk and see if a different type of man can do it for you. Try going somewhere where you won’t find your typical man.

There’s a man for every woman out there. Women are usually spoilt for choice. It’s just a case of choosing the right one for you.

Final thoughts

You can definitely be high value when he pulls away. You need to elevate yourself above your man.

You define your own value by how you treat yourself. If you love yourself with your head held high. Other people will see it and give you the respect you deserve.

You can do better than a man who does this to you and makes you feel this way. Your high value sets you apart from putting up with this treatment.

If you still want your man, find out what caused him to pull away in the fist place. If it can’t be resolved, be prepared to walk away.

Some men are afraid of commitment and true love. If your man pulled away for those reasons, then you’re better off without him.

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