How To Make A Man Feel Loved & Respected (20 Effective Ways)

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Maybe you have a good man already and you just need to let him know.

Making him feel loved and respected will make him grow in confidence and love you more.

Here I’ve gone through a total of 20 ways you can do that to make your relationship stronger.

10 Ways to make a man feel loved

1. Let him put his feet up

We all live busy lives where we rush about non stop at work and home. Just for one day let your man put his feet up while you take care of everything around him.

Tell him it’s his treat because you love him. Make sure he’s in his favorite chair and bring him a beer, if that’s what he likes.

Combine this with his favorite movie on TV for an evening he’ll remember. He’ll feel like a king sitting on a throne.

2. Plan a day for him

Make him feel really special by organizing a whole day of things he likes. Perhaps there’s a football game you could both go to and have a special meal afterwards.

Try and do something he hasn’t done before. Travel to the meal by limousine or go to a restaurant that has 10 courses. Anything he’s not expecting.

You can do this for his birthday or make it a complete a surprise by doing it on some random day. He’ll really appreciate it.

3. Pinch his bum in public

This is a real sign of love. It shows you are fond of him and that you think of him. He won’t expect it and it’ll make him smile.

Try and do it so no one else can see so it’s something special between you both. Feel free to do it hard so it might hurt him a bit!

We’re looking for a reaction from him when he may be in the middle of something serious. He won’t be able to resist a smile coming over his face.

4. Surprise him with a gift

Perhaps there’s a gadget he’s been after for a while. He may be waiting to get it for Christmas, so give it to him when he’s not expecting it.

He’ll love you for it if it’s something he really wants. Be prepared for him to go missing for a few days when he get’s it though.

It doesn’t have to be a gadget, anything will make him feel loved. Something personal he’d like because it came from someone who knows him.

5. Cook his favorite meal

If food is the way to a man’s heart, then his favorite meal will make him fall in love. Cook it the only way you know how.

Perhaps there’s some sauce that may be difficult to get hold of. He may appreciate it in this special meal.

Instead of cooking, you could consider his favorite restaurant. The one where the waiter knows him well.

6. Tell him you like his smile

There’s nothing that makes me feel loved more, than my other half appreciating it when she sees me smile. It lifts me inside.

By telling him you’re confirming his happiness brings you happiness. It’s a win win situation for both of you.

It’s like the smile you have when he makes you laugh brings him joy. He likes to know you feel the same way.

7. Make him feel sexy

Tell him you find him sexy and flirt with him. Wear some lingerie on underneath when you go out.

Give him a slow kiss when all you’re doing is saying goodbye in the morning. Maintain contact if he hands you something.

All of this will make him feel sexy and he’ll be dying to let you know. His emotions will be building the more you do it.

8. Let him to go out with his friends

He’ll really appreciate it if you let him have a night where he can go out and not have to worry about when he gets back.

Tell him to behave, but otherwise it’s a free pass to have as much fun with his friends as he can. Because you love him.

It’s the sort of thing he used to do when he was younger. He’ll be really grateful for a night of freedom.

9. Tell him what he means to you

To make him feel loved, sometimes you just need to let him know. Tell him what he really means to you and the way he makes you feel.

Compliment him out of the blue on something he’s said or done. Perhaps he’s starting to look more distinguished and you like that about him.

If he’s done a lot for you over the time you’ve been together, tell him how much you appreciate it.

10. Make him feel special

Make him feel he’s the only one for you and you’re grateful he’s come into your life. Tell him you’re lucky to have him.

Pamper him and wear something you know he likes that looks good on you. Wear the jewelry he bought you and tell him you like it.

Show a subtle sign of affection when out in public. Something to let him know you love him and he’s special to you.

Happy couple

10 Ways to make a man feel respected

1. Ask his opinion

Respecting your man means respecting his opinion. Let him know you want to hear what he thinks. That you need to know his take on things.

We all like to know what we think matters, and that’s what you’re doing. Ask him before making any decisions that could affect you both.

He needs to know you respect his opinion and that you take it into account. You come as a team and he’s part of it.

2. Check if he’s happy

I don’t mean just his mood, but check if there’s anything he thinks needs to be changed. Whether that’s in the home or what’s happening.

He needs to know that things are how they are because it’s the way he wants them to be. His approval is important.

Even aspects of your life, check if he’s happy with them. It could be a something you’re buying or what you both want to do.

3. Tell him you’re proud of him

When he achieves something or something he made a decision on worked out. Tell him it’s thanks to him and you’re proud.

Tell him he’s a good man and you know he’s doing everything he can to make your lives happy and content.

If he’s been able to accept something he may not be happy with. Let him know you proud he took the higher ground.

4. Support his choices

Back him on what he chooses to do. This is fundamental in any relationship and shows the respect you have for him.

Even if someone disagrees with one of his choices. Have his back and make him know you support him.

This will give him confidence in future decisions and strengthen what you have together. A respected man has a supportive woman behind him.

5. Encourage him to express himself

You should listen when he speaks and he should feel he can get anything off his chest. Make him feel that what he says is important.

Women are very good at doing this for their men. By him expressing himself freely, he can ensure things are as they should be.

Encouraging him increases his self esteem and confidence. It makes him a better man and is a sign of respect.

6. Accept his responsibility

Allow your man to take charge when needed and let him take responsibility. If he takes charges of the finances for the home, let him.

If you let your man be in charge of security personally and around the home. That’s something that makes him feel respected.

You can only do so much in the relationship and around the home, so your man should take up the slack. That’s what he’s there for.

7. Accept he’s not perfect

The utmost respect you can give your man is to acknowledge that he doesn’t get everything right. He’s only human.

If he gets something wrong, don’t make a big deal out of it. Both sort it out and move on.

He tries his best and that’s all you can expect of him. Allow him to learn and grow as a result.

8. Let him be discreet

He’ll feel respected if he knows you trust him with anything. Anything that happens between you doesn’t go any further.

No matter what happens, you know your man will behave at all times with the utmost discretion. That’s why he’s your partner.

He knows what he needs to keep private and between certain people. People trust him with their problems.

9. Tell him what he’s good at

To make him feel respected, tell him what he’s good at. Tell him if he’s done or said something worthwhile.

We often take it for granted that we like and appreciate what our other half does. Sometimes we need to let them know what we think.

By telling him what he’s good at, he’ll feel confident in attempting something similar in the future. This benefits you both in the long term.

10. Allow him space when he needs it

Your man can’t be everything to everyone and needs space now and then. Tell him when to take a step back.

It a sign of respect you’re showing him to let him know he can’t do everything. You take the lead when he needs space.

You know he’ll come back fighting when he’s taken the break he needs. We all need it occasionally.

Final thoughts

To further the relationship, you need to make your man feel loved and respected. I’ve listed a total of 20 ways you can achieve this.

I’ve gone through unique ways to show your love. They mean more than just saying the words, which anyone can do.

Respect is more subtle in the relationship. It requires a commitment and is something we can’t easily fake. It’s clear when you respect your man.

If he treats you properly as well, you have the basis for a fulfilling long term relationship you can both enjoy.

You will form the perfect team and you’ll be able to deal with any adversities that come before you. These are the foundations you will have built.

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