How To Make Him Miss You And Commit (20 Tips For Success)

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When our partner is not around, we want them to miss us.

There are things we can do to make this happen and at the same time encourage him to commit.

Here are 10 tips to make him miss you and 10 tips to make him commit. Combine these for the maximum effect.

Remember to make him miss you AND commit

Below I’ve given you ways to make him miss you and that’s easy. What we want to do is make him commit as well and that’s more tricky.

If he sees what he’s missing and likes the look of it. He’s more likely to come back and make a commitment on his return.

This needs to be more than just something sexual, like a sexy picture of you. We need to get to him psychologically.

We need him to feel there are more benefits by coming back more than just your body. We need to engage his mind as well. It’s the mind that makes the long term choices.

He needs to see your life improving despite him not being there. He’ll miss you and want you back.

If you’re in a long distance relationship, you’re going to get periods where he misses you. You want him to reduce the distance and a commitment will do that.

You need to be subtle about this. We don’t want him to feel any pressure. You want to make him feel that committing was his decision, and you had nothing to do with it.

10 Ways to make him miss you

These are ways that consider what you want the outcome to be. You need to make him want what you have and not just miss you.

1. Take a step back

If you want him to miss you, he won’t if you’re on his back trying to get in touch with him again. Sometimes you need to take a step back so he knows what he’s missing.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder because it’s true. Let him live his life without you briefly and stay in the background.

Sometimes a relationship can get full on and you both need to know what it is you want. He’s more likely to come back and commit once he’s made up his mind in his own time.

You need to pull back when it’s needed and focus on yourself. This way you can both reset your mind to a better place.

2. Don’t text or call

I’ve said not to make yourself clingy and that includes no texts or calls for a while. You may think there’s no harm in the odd text, but they can be too much.

Texting is never a good way to communicate when you’re missing someone. They can be easily misunderstood with negative consequences.

Calling is something we do on the spur of the moment when we should take some time. Doing this when you don’t really want to can lead to a big mistake.

He will get the wrong impression and the commitment you want may never happen. All because you didn’t know when to text or call.

3. Use social media

Social media is a very powerful tool to make you miss someone. Your every action can be seen when you post by everyone.

Everything you do will get back to your boyfriend somehow. If he misses you, it will be the first thing he’ll look at.

Therefore, you need to use it wisely. Don’t try to make him jealous as that’s not the basis for a long term relationship and you want him to commit.

Keep your post frequency as it was to show you’re still living your life. Keep an eye out to see if he likes any of your content.

Don’t use this as an excuse to reach out to him. Take it slow and let him make the first move. Let him do some chasing.

4. Be busy

If you’re moping around with your life wondering when you’re going to get back together. Your man won’t be impressed.

You want him to miss you, the things you do, and what you’re like as a person. So go out with friends and live your life and word will get back to him.

He’ll miss the way you are and what you had. He’s far more likely to commit to someone who gets on with life no matter what.

Someone who’s always active and busy are qualities we look for in a life partner. So instill these in yourself.

5. Give him space

In the end, if you really want him to miss you, you need to give him space so he can do just that.

This is especially the case if you’ve had an argument or argue a lot. This isn’t healthy and will give you both time to think.

It’s by getting over this, you can learn to respect each other’s differences. Then you can think about a more permanent relationship.

Don’t worry, you won’t lose him by giving him space, he’ll just end up missing you. Time is great at doing this for us.

6. Behave disinterested

This is reverse psychology for you. By being aloof and pretending you’re not bothered if he pays you attention or not, will have the opposite effect on him.

Of course you don’t want to do this forever. But it’s like when you first met. He’ll enjoy making you laugh and impressing you all over again.

Try missing or ignoring the call when he shows an interest again. Make him work for your time and he’ll appreciate it more when he gets it.

You may have succeeded in him missing you. Now you just need to add the final touch of intrigue he’ll have in you afterwards.

Combine this with the use of social media and being busy and he’ll be aching to see you again. This is when you may be able to hint at some sign of commitment.

7. Enjoy yourself

If you’re missing him, take the opportunity to enjoy yourself. Not that you don’t enjoy yourself with him, but you can do things he may not like.

He may not enjoy you going out to do your nails or shopping for yourself. Now’s the time to take advantage of your freedom.

This way you won’t dwell on missing him and you’ll have something to talk about when you get back together.

He’ll be more happy to commit if he knows you can get on with your life whether he’s around or not. Men prefer an independent woman.

8. Exude confidence

If there’s one way to get your man to miss you, that’s being the confident self you are when he’s around. You’re showing you’re strong, whether he’s there or not.

This is appealing to men. A confident woman who knows what she wants is very attractive. If he knows he’s the one you want, he might commit to you.

Be open to your partner so you can understand what each other wants. If you’re confident in yourself, he’ll miss you more.

This could be something he hasn’t seen before if you feel your self esteem has improved. This will show when you’re back together.

9. Try new things

To make him miss you, you need to do things you haven’t tried before. If he sees you’re having new experiences, he’s going to want some of that.

Curiosity draws us to new people and new things. When he sees that in you, he’s going to see you as someone he wants to commit to.

Something new could be a hobby or a place you haven’t been to before. You’ll benefit yourself enormously if you put yourself out there occasionally.

You’re clearly not with him now if you want him to miss you. Therefore, you need to try new things to make him join you.

10. Don’t try too hard

When you want him to miss you, you need to take it easy. Don’t go over the top in trying to get his attention and for him to notice you.

First of all, he might think you’re desperate and you don’t want to give him that impression. You want him to think you can have any man you choose.

By him thinking this, he’s more likely to make sure you choose him. Then the commitment you want is more likely to follow.

Don’t put all your eggs into one basket even if you still want him. Be open to new people then you’ll know if you’re right to want him.

Happy couple

10 Ways to make him commit

Making him miss you is easy. Commitment is harder to get, and it will require more persuasion.

1. Let him pursue you

Men don’t stay with women who are easy. Good things come to those who work for it and if you’re a good thing. He’ll be willing to stay with you.

We all enjoy the flirting and back and forth of the beginning of a relationship. Even if you like him a lot, you need to have him chase you.

Don’t be needy if he hasn’t called you when you expected it. You need for him to think you have a wide choice of men and you haven’t made your mind up yet.

You can still let him know you’re available so he doesn’t lose interest. Let him make the plans and play the waiting game especially when newly dating.

2. By mysterious

We all like finding new things about someone. This can happen however long you’ve known them. Make sure this happens by not putting everything out there immediately.

Let him discover new things about you and he’ll maintain his interest for longer. This prevents any boredom getting into the relationship.

He’ll miss you if there’s something new to learn every time, and it will give him a reason to commit.

Be spontaneous without being weird so he’ll never be bored with you. Don’t tell him how you feel too often. Let him discover your feelings too.

3. Look after yourself

This is a really important one where commitment is concerned. If he can see you take care of your appearance, where you live and how you are. He’ll see you as someone to be with long term.

Not only is this good for a future partner, it’s good for you too. You’re taking pride in yourself and this will help build your self esteem.

People will respect you more because you have respect for yourself. Friends will look up to you.

Take care of your mind as well and make sure you’re happy and content. Stay away from negativity and resolve problems in a way that makes everyone happy.

4. Tell him what you want

Let’s say he missed you and everything is good again. If you’ve been in a relationship for some time, you may want to know where it’s going.

You don’t want to scare him off, but sometimes there are points in a relationship where you both need to talk about how you feel.

You need to let him know in a subtle way if you want to take things further. Perhaps you want him to live with you or other major change.

If this doesn’t work, then you might have to tell him what you want. If you want a commitment rather than being in limbo, you might have to come out with it.

Hopefully you’ve done everything to make him miss you and my recommendations to get him to commit. Then you’ll be more likely to get the answer you’re looking for.

5. Be an independent woman

When men want something long term, we look for someone who has their own life. Rarely do men want someone who hangs on their every word and does nothing but follow everything they do.

Many years ago, women were expected to stay at home and look after their husbands, but this is not the case anymore. Independent women are more appealing because there are advantages to being with them.

An independent woman has her own money and knows what she wants and how to get it. It means not every responsibility falls on the man.

Television shows like the Kardashians and others feature these types of women. Men want to be with them and women want to be like them.

6. Support each other psychologically

Women are very good at supporting their men. We all know when our woman has our back. But it’s nice when you let us support you too.

This means showing your vulnerability occasionally. Men are more likely to commit to someone who is open with them and needs them too.

Supporting each other will make you a better team. You can deal with any problems better with two heads rather than one.

They say behind every strong man is a strong woman, but that goes the other way too.

7. Let him make some decisions

If you want a man to commit, he must feel his opinions and thoughts have value. If he can make some decisions, then it will confirm it in his mind.

Don’t get used to doing and organizing everything without any input from him. If he feels he doesn’t matter, then he’ll wonder what he’s doing with you.

You wouldn’t want to be left on the side line so don’t do the same to him. You want him to see long term potential with you.

Share the responsibility and decision making equally. This ensures your relationship is a partnership and you’re both valued.

8. Give him time

Some men need time when it comes to making a commitment. He may know what you want. He just needs to decide if it’s right for him.

In this case, reminding him is the wrong thing to do. Try other ways of encouraging him without nagging.

By giving him time he won’t feel pressured into anything. You want your man to be happy to commit on his own terms.

Let him do what he wants like play games on his console. Let him know he has the freedom to make his own choices.

9. Put him at ease

You want him to relax around you. No one likes being on edge, like anything could happen at any moment.

You should be his sanctuary, and that goes with your home too. If he associates you with calmness and happiness, he’s more likely to stay with you.

You want him to feel like he can be himself. He can be confident in expressing himself and he won’t be judged for it.

This way you’ll both have more fun in your relationship. Life’s too serious already, so learn to relax with each other and enjoy yourselves.

10. Keep living your life

Not only will this make him miss you, but if he sees you’re getting on day to day, he’ll want to be part of it.

You may think being doting to him is the way to his heart, but it’s not. You want him to see you thriving whether he’s there or not.

He’ll prefer seeing you this way. Not many men want their partner’s lives to revolve around them.

Do it for him and for yourself. Life is for living, so keep living yours and men who see this will be more ready for commitment.

Final thoughts

You want him to miss you and commit, but my advice is to try and keep those two things apart.

Get him to miss you first, and when you’re confident, you’re together and the time is right. Then you need to encourage him to commit and my 10 ways above will help.

There are some things you can do that will overlap. As long as you take care of your life and yourself. The commitment will follow.

When it comes to him committing, I’ve said give him time as a recommendation. But don’t leave it too long.

You may have a man who is afraid to commit. Then you need to think about whether he’s worth staying with.

So follow my tips above and you should be successful. Just keep an eye out for what’s best for you personally, and you’ll find someone who’s willing to commit.

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