How To Tell A Guy You Like Him Without Scaring Him Off

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If you’re getting on well with a guy and you have feelings for him. It’s only natural you want to tell him you like him.

If you approach him gently, you should get a good reaction and not scare him off.

In this article I’ve gone through 5 tips on how to tell a guy you like him.

Telling a guy you like him

Telling a guy you like him is when you’re putting your heart on the line. You may know him already and you want him to know that you like him in a romantic way.

You may have been flirting with him and he’s not getting the message. Perhaps the relationship is a friendly one, but you’re starting to get feelings and you’d like to take it further.

What you need to know first is that by telling him you like him, you’re doing the right thing. If you don’t say something, it could be something you’d always regret.

You two could have real potential and he could always be the one that got away. You don’t get anywhere in life if you don’t put yourself out there.

It won’t be without its negative possibilities. It could make an existing friendship awkward to the point it could end or you may be rejected, which hurts.

Is he a stranger or a friend?

If he’s a stranger or you don’t know him well, he might have a girlfriend already. You never really know unless you ask and you’ll feel slightly awkward if he does, but life goes on.

The positives far outweigh the negatives. I’ve spoken with someone who liked a close friend for years. He had different girlfriends and she never said anything.

She practically loved him and never wanted a boyfriend herself. She wasted years not knowing if the guy felt the same way. If he didn’t, she could have met someone else.

Don’t be like that. Whether you’re already friends with this guy or not, if you like him, you must tell him.

Yes, you may scare him off. Is that so bad? A proper man will take a woman liking him as a compliment and not run a mile. There may be some embarrassment on your part, but only briefly.

He may already know you like him

This reminds me of being at school. But word gets around. If he’s part of your social circle, then friends may have already told him you like him.

He may have read your signals and realized you like him a bit more than other guys. It can be quite obvious sometimes and that’s not a bad thing.

Sometimes it’s easier to tell a stranger you like them, rather than a friend. Perhaps the guy feels the same way and wants to say something himself.

He may be worried about saying something for the exact same reasons you are. He doesn’t want to scare you off and is afraid of rejection.

Whether he feels the same way or not, you can’t go on having these feelings and not acting on them. You may go well together.

Why do you want to tell him?

Before you take the plunge, you need to think about why you want to tell your guy. What do you plan to get out of it?

If you’re currently in a friendship with him, then you’re clearly not happy with the way things are. You want to take things further.

You want to start dating this guy with a view to being in a relationship with him. You want to know how he feels.

You want something more and it’s a commitment. You want to see if there’s the possibility of you two getting together.

Sometimes you’re not looking for a new friend. You have enough friends already and you want something more serious and this guy could be it.

Happy couple

5 Tips on telling a guy you like him

It’s best to warm him up first by making him receptive to you. Make him like you first and he’ll be more likely to give a relationship a try.

1. Flirt with him

Get your flirting game in check. Keep eye contact with him and pay close attention to what he says. Hang on his every word.

A great one is to touch him. This is a big clue that you like someone and he’ll subconsciously know it. Make it subtle and he’ll soon look at you in a different way.

Start conversations with him and be interested in what he’s doing and what he thinks about things. You’ll get to know him better and he’ll read this as signs you like him.

He will like you more when you flirt with him and he won’t be scared off when you tell him you like him. He’ll already have a hunch that you do.

2. Tell him by text

I’m not sure this is the best way to tell someone you like them. But it protects you from any embarrassment you may feel and is private.

Don’t text it out of the blue. Send a series of texts to lead up to asking him on a date. Make it clear it’s to be just you two.

Make sure there are a few emojis in there and don’t keep asking if he doesn’t respond straight away.

Whether he says yes or no, when you see him, approach him and talk to him so there’s no awkwardness. If he’s said yes, then it could be the beginning of a blossoming relationship. If no, then you can get the friendship back.

3. Tell him face to face

This is the best way to tell him you like him and takes the most guts. Take him to one side and begin a normal conversation.

As the conversation flows, then ask him on a date. Don’t tell him you like him out right. Just invite him to spend more time with you on a one to one level.

If he doesn’t get it, then you may need to make it more clear that you like him and want to see if you both could work as a couple.

Using this approach, you won’t scare him off as you’re being gradual. Just relax when you talk to him and give him the chance to speak.

4. Spend time with him

Do this both before and after telling a guy you like him. Spending time with him before you tell prepares you both for the question that’s about to come.

If a guy likes you as well, then of course you should spend plenty of time together. You have the confidence of knowing it’s what he wants too.

If you tell him and you don’t get a positive response. Still spend some time with him and find out what turned him off.

You need to know this so you don’t make the same mistake again. Perhaps you never had enough in common or he doesn’t see you in that way.

5. Smile when he talks

When you tell a guy you like him, do it with a smile on your face. If you don’t look happy, you’ll scare him off.

Try and maintain your positive expression even if he doesn’t have good news for you. You may feel disappointed, but try and maintain your demeanor.

Before you’ve asked him, he should see you as a cheerful person. People like to be with someone who has a happy nature.

Don’t force it though. There’s a fine line between being too happy and being nuts. Be natural and who you are, and you’ll be ok.

Final thoughts

What you need to do is tell the guy you like him. Whether it scares him off you don’t have much control over and it shouldn’t matter to you.

If you’ve followed some of the steps above, he may know you like him already. It shouldn’t be a shock to him and a guy would be flattered by your interest.

Don’t worry about how he reacts because you’re not doing anything wrong. Quite the opposite. Guys are told they’re liked by girls all the time.

You may regret telling him and you may feel rejection if he doesn’t like you back in that way. But you’re always better off getting your feelings out in the open.

I’ve gone through some ways of telling him above. Face to face is best and if you’re open to what you want. He’ll be ok with you telling him you like him.

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