Ignore A Guy Who Takes You For Granted (It Works)

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Whether you’re in a new relationship or not. It’s not nice to be taken for granted by your guy.

You don’t have to put up with it and one of the best ways to deal with it is by ignoring him.

I’ve gone through 6 effective ways of ignoring him in this article.

Taking you for granted in a new relationship

In a new relationship, some guys think they are too good for the girl they’re with. They take them for granted because their ego says they can get anyone.

A man who does this at the very beginning is not worth spending time with. However much you like him, if he can’t treat you with respect from the start, then leave him.

Let someone else deal with his nasty attitude towards women. There’s nothing you can do to make him change, he has to change himself.

The problem is, these men can be very charismatic and charming. They may sweep you off your feet and impress you, but there’s usually nothing any deeper than that.

Ignoring a man like this won’t work. He won’t care if you ignore him or not. He’ll just move onto his next victim if you don’t put up with it.

Some men take you for granted once you start loving them

Some men are great at first, loving and attentive. They would do anything for you and make you feel on top of the world.

Once you start to love them, these same men change. It’s like a switch goes off in their head and they start taking you for granted.

Once they know they’ve got you, they stop trying. Gone are the nice words you used to hear from them.

Now you get the feeling he doesn’t care anymore and you’ve done nothing to cause it. You’ve been totally true to yourself, it’s him who’s changed.

They know that if they were like that at the beginning of the relationship, you’d have gone long ago. Now they think they can get a way with it and you’ll keep coming back for more.

Ignoring a man at this stage of a relationship can be very effective. He feels something for you and he will be hurt if you ignore him.

5 Subtle signs he’s taking you for granted

There are plenty of obvious things your guy will do to take you for granted. You know when your relationship is not being taken seriously and he doesn’t care anymore.

What I’ve listen here are subtle signs that make you realize you’re not being treated how you should be. If you spot any of them, then ignoring him may be an option to consider.

1. You always do what he wants

He may make time with you and you go on dates and enjoy his company. But is it always something he enjoys? Are your opinions not asked for?

When you do go on dates, is it something local to him? Do you get the impression he’s really not made much of an effort?

Is it something quick close to the end of the night and you just end up round his place? Did he want the date in the first place or just a booty call?

By doing these things, he’s taking you for granted. He’s less concerned by how you feel and just what he can get out of you.

2. He gets moody if he doesn’t get his way

You know he’s started to not care about your feelings if he does this. A relationship should be equal and not one sided.

If he does agree to something, is he in a bad mood the whole time making you regret asking him at all.

Has he become selfish in and out of bed? Your needs are an afterthought and an inconvenience to him.

3. He’s stopped talking to you in a meaningful way

Some men can do just enough to make you feel he still cares. But is he going no further and has stopped telling you how he feels.

Has he stopped listening to what you have to say? Has he started enjoying the sound of his own voice too much?

You may consider ignoring him as a strategy, because that’s the very thing he’s doing to you.

4. You socialize on his terms

Do you seem to always go out with his friends. But when your friends are doing something, he’s never available?

He may be happy to have you on his arm, but only when you’re doing something he wants to do.

He decides when and where you meet because it’s convenient for him. He never goes out of his way for you anymore.

5. He treats his friends better than you

Do you feel he treats you like a second class citizen? You’re his girlfriend, but you seem to get less respect.

Does he seem to be happy to see them but a smile can’t be found when you appear? He’ll do anything for them, but things are too much if it’s for you.

If a guy does any of the things above, then he’s not worth it. But you could try ignoring him and see how he reacts.

Unhappy couple

Why ignoring him works

Men have a very fragile ego that needs constant stroking. Ignoring strikes at the heart of that ego and is something they take personally.

As a feeling, being ignored hurts them and they don’t like it. They’ll do anything not to feel that way because it’s offensive to them.

The fact that it’s you who’s doing it has a significance. They will know they’ve hurt you and they’ll want to know why, (if they don’t know in the first place).

When he questions you about it, don’t give in immediately and revert back to how you were. He needs to know he can’t get away with taking you for granted.

You’re better than that and you don’t deserve it. You shouldn’t let anyone treat you like you don’t matter. That your feelings aren’t important.

6 Effective ways of ignoring him

While you don’t want to take it too far. If he’s taking you for granted, try some of these and see what he does.

You’ll be giving him some of his own medicine and he won’t like it. Stay strong though, so he gets the message.

1. Ignore his calls

If he’s taking you for granted, he’s assumed you’re always going to answer when he calls, so don’t. Make yourself unavailable.

Don’t return his calls so quickly either. This goes for texts as well. Make yourself a bit more distant to him.

He needs to start valuing you and your time, so ignore him when he wants it. This will surprise him and make him think about you differently.

2. Ignore him on social media

He may leave a comment on a post of yours. Don’t like it or respond to it in any way.

Leave posts and updates that don’t involve him. Post updates of you enjoying yourself with your friends.

A post on instagram of you on a night out with a group of people will spark an interest from your guy. Ignore him when he asks who they are.

Don’t like or comment to any of his updates or posts for a while. Stay off his radar and see how he responds to you doing this.

3. Ignore his birthday

Forget any special days that means something to him. Act like your memory wasn’t so good if he asks.

You need to give him the impression that you’re losing interest. Then you won’t take you for granted if he thinks he’s losing you.

He may even start to remind you of things that are important to him and this would be a good thing. He wants you to think of him.

4. Ignore his friends

He’s probably shown no interest in your friends for a while so do the same to him. Ignore him when he talks about them.

If one of them gets in contact with you, ignore them. They mean a lot to him so he’ll want to know why you’re doing this.

Don’t worry about being rude, you’re doing this for a reason. This is to benefit you and your relationship.

5. Ignore him when you’re out with him

This one is definitely worth trying. It works well if you’re out with a group of people.

If he wants to talk to you, ignore him and carry on speaking to others. He’ll want to know if he’s offended you either right then or at the end of the night.

This would be your opportunity to tell him. While he’s feeling raw is when he’ll take it in, and it will have the most effect.

6. Ignore him at home

When you’re with him at his home or yours, don’t give him all the attention he wants. Still ignore him, even if no one else is there.

If he wants to talk about what you’ve just seen on TV, then don’t respond. If he wants you to be attentive, he needs to treat you better.

When he wants affection, ignoring him will be a powerful signal to send. He’ll be very receptive to reasons why it’s happening.

Final thoughts

These steps may sound extreme and some of them are. Pick and choose what you do and when, to get the best results.

If you feel you’ve gone too far, then rein yourself in. You just need him to know he can’t take you for granted.

Tell him you still want him and he means a lot to you. But things can’t go on the way they are.

This is the reason he’s being ignored in the first place. For him to change his behavior. Not to get him to leave you.

Let him know there are consequences to his behavior and that you’re not going to accept it. You have to put your foot down sometimes.

If it works, then good. Just keep checking he’s not letting his guard down and treating you right. If it doesn’t work, think about whether he’s worth staying with.

If he continues to take you for granted. Then you really should leave him and find someone who values and respects you.

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