Is Dating Even Worth It? (Explained)

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If you want a relationship at some point in your life. You will have to go on dates.

Some can go well and some can go badly. But they’re always worth trying to help you find someone to love.

To that end, here are 7 reasons why dating isn’t worth it and 8 reasons why it is.

7 Reasons why dating isn’t worth it

Sometimes there really isn’t much point to dating, is there. Here are 7 good reasons why:

1. It’s a waste of time and money

You could spend a lot of time choosing some suitable partners. Texting them, messaging them, talking to them on the phone. You may enjoy this part, but it does take time.

After all this, you may choose to go on a date with one or two of them to see if you get on with them. You make sure you have a spare day or evening for the date.

You spend time getting ready after buying the outfit in the weekend before. You’ve spent a lot of money already and you look forward to it all week.

After all this, you could find the date doesn’t turn up or looks totally different from the pictures you received on your phone. Or you don’t get on at all and you totally regret going on the date at all.

If this happens often, you realize what a lot of time and money you’ve spent and it has been a complete waste. You could have been out and enjoying time with your friends or family.

2. You don’t need a man or woman

They only cause problems and drama, and you’re so much happier without them. Men let you down all the time and women nag. Being friends is easier and far less complicated.

If you don’t date, you don’t feel any obligation to another person. You don’t have to justify where you’re going and who you’re going there with. You can be truly free and independent.

You may have different priorities in your life right now. Maybe you’re concentrating on a new career path and don’t need someone right now.

3. They’re too much aggravation

Both dates and the people you have them with can be aggravating. You have to find a time, a place and something to do you’re both happy with.

You have to remember what to take and organize how to get there and back home. Is it going to be an Uber and will they want to come back to yours for coffee?

I haven’t even mentioned some of what you have to put up with from the other person. There are so many things to consider that it would be just a whole lot easier if you didn’t date at all.

4. Laziness

Dating is a lot of work. There’s no getting around it. If you’re not the type who enjoys all the organizing and fussing around that goes with it. Then maybe it’s not for you.

Isn’t it just easier to get out with friends? Or you could stay at home, invite a friend round, and watch Netflix. Get some alcohol round to make an evening of it.

More and more people are reconsidering the single life after having bad dating experiences. Laziness and apathy because of all it entails are some of the reasons.

5. Attracting the wrong man or woman

There’s only so many dates you can go on before you start thinking to yourself, that everyone seems to be the same way. They seem to be the same type and not in a good way.

There may not be a lot you can do about this. If you attract people who are emotionally unavailable, then you won’t be dating for very long until the short relationship ends.

If you only want one thing out of your dates, you’re not going to have much success and wonder if they’re even worth it. Think about your expectations and stick to them.

6. You’re not ready to settle down

Perhaps you’re young and you don’t see the point of dating because you’re not ready yet. Maybe you only see men as a vehicle to have children and you don’t want to go there yet.

Some people are into their careers and so dating and relationships take a back burner. There’s plenty of time to find someone and take everything seriously after all.

Maybe you want to enjoy yourself before you begin thinking about love and everything that goes with it. There are so many things you can do when you’re not tied down to someone. You could travel the world.

7. Dates are never good enough

Some dates really don’t turn out well. You may have seen photos of your date and you like how they look. You’ve messaged and spoken on the phone and you like the way they sound. But sometimes it doesn’t click when you meet.

Maybe you aim too high and want too much. You expect a Prince Charming and no man seems to come up to your standards. You look for someone perfect and are yet to realize that person doesn’t exist.

You could go on many dates and after some time, if it never works out well, you may wonder if it’s even worth it at all. That’s how bad dates can make you feel.

8 Reasons why it’s worth dating

I’ve gone through why it isn’t. But as you can imagine, there are more reasons why it’s worth dating and here they are.

1. Companionship

I’m not just talking about someone to spend the rest of your life and get old with. I mean meeting people to go on dates with and seeing if you get on.

It’s enjoyable spending time with new people and that’s what you get by going on dates. You get to choose who you spend your time with.

You get to communicate and discover all kinds of things about different people. As you long you do it safely, dating is something to be enjoyed.

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2. It helps you find the one

Hopefully, we all want to find a partner to settle down with and dating helps you do that. By dating, you’re able to choose a potential partner to spend the rest of your life with.

If you use online dating, you can choose from potentially hundreds before you go on dates with a select few. Real life just can’t compete. But dating is where you’ll make your ultimate choice.

However long it takes. When you find the right one, you’ll realize all the time dating was worth it. Dating is something we do from a young age and it’s a natural selection process.

3. You want to be intimate

Most of us want intimacy in our lives and we want it with someone we fancy. We all have needs and by dating we have a way of getting our needs met.

Dating enables you to get to know someone and feel if you’d like to share an intimate moment with them. This way you’ll know if you’re sexually compatible before taking things further.

Going on a date with a boyfriend or girlfriend can be the beginning of an intimate night. You have a good time out of the bedroom and then, later on, you have a good time in it.

4. You learn about yourself

By dating you get to meet new people and this can teach you a lot about yourself. You learn what you’re like with people you don’t know and you learn to read people better.

You learn to appreciate that it’s ok if someone doesn’t think the world of you as there are other people who do. This is what dating does for you.

Meeting new people is a skill that you can get good at. You learn to find what you like about someone and ask the right questions of them. It can be very fulfilling personally.

5. You get validation

If you want to know if you’re pretty or good looking enough, you’ll find out through dating. If you want to know if people fancy and want to spend time with you, you’ll get that by dating.

You find out there’s so many different people out there and some may not appreciate you. But there will be many more who do and this will improve your self esteem.

After dating a lot, you get the confidence to know that you are enough. Any insecurities you have, you will learn aren’t noticed and don’t matter to others.

6. They’re enjoyable

Dating is fun. You go out and do something you want to do and experience. You meet someone new to pique your curiosity who you already like the look of and get on with.

You may see a movie you haven’t seen before or try a new restaurant or bar. Everyone likes trying new things and that is what a date is a good excuse to do.

Afterwards you get to talk to all your friends and tell them what happened and what the other person was like. It’s not always perfect but you’ll never know unless you go out and try.

7. They make you feel better

You don’t go dating to unload your problems onto someone, but it can make you feel a lot better about yourself. You can forget about any problems you may have for a night or two.

If you’re suffering any stress, then a good date can help alleviate it. It’s not a substitute for professional help but if there are any niggles or difficulties in your life, you can always see what your date thinks.

If you’ve had any bad relationships, then a date can remind you that not everyone is bad. There are nice people around. Just don’t talk about your previous boyfriend to your date all night long!

8. You could make new friends and connections

Not every date ends in a successful relationship but not every one ends badly either. You may meet someone you like on a platonic level who could end up meaning a lot to you.

They could open you up to a world of possibilities. They could introduce you to new and important people. They could help you find someone you like or improve your career prospects.

You can’t put a price on a new contact, especially if it can benefit your work. They say it’s not what you know but who you know. And dating can get you to know more and more people.

Final thoughts

There are many reasons you may feel dating isn’t worth it. It can be a waste of time and much more but don’t rule it out because of bad experiences.

Online dating means you have the choice of many potential partners to meet in real life. This can eliminate many problems like meeting people who are not right for you.

If you’re having issues with your dating and you never seem to find anyone. You can always talk to people like relationship experts who may be able to tell you why.

There are far more advantages to dating than staying alone every night. If you’re looking for someone permanent, then dating helps you do that.

Whatever you do, don’t rule out dating altogether if you’re not ready for it just yet. You’re missing out on something a lot of people find worthwhile.

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