Is My Wife Always Right? (Even When She’s Wrong)

Unhappy couple

It’s a phrase a husband finds amusing to tell his friends about his wife, that she’s always right.

If you feel this way, it could be a sign that everything is not as it should be in your relationship.

In this article I’ll look at why you may think she’s right and how you could both compromise for a happier marriage.

Is my wife always right?

You probably think this way because of how your wife speaks to you. While the sentiment can be amusing, it could be a sign of an underlying issue. Try to be calm and listen to each other so you can both express yourselves openly.

Why do you feel this way?

“My wife is always right” is a common phrase a lot of husbands say at some point in their marriage.

You may get the impression she thinks she’s always right and won’t let you have it any other way. What she says goes.

Perhaps you’ve made her feel frustrated and it’s getting to boiling point. The only way to express herself is to say something you feel you have no response to.

And she doesn’t want a response. She’s said something and that’s the way it is whether you disagree or not. She’s said it that way on purpose.

Perhaps you’re used to not arguing when your wife is like this. But little do you know, she is probably like this because of the way you are!

She’s probably tried to reason with you before and it hasn’t worked. So the only way to get her point across is to put her foot down.

If she’s busy, especially with children, this may be when you get the feeling she wants to be right.

Is the relationship going ok?

For a husband to think, is my wife always right, doesn’t bode well for a happy relationship. Regardless of what’s actually said.

It clearly sounds like a communication issue and it can go deeper if it keeps happening.

You need to think about how everything else. Are you getting on despite the occasional disagreement?

Do you still enjoy your time together? Are there times when you speak in a cordial way with each other?

Do you spend quality time with each other and are you still going on dates?

Hopefully, it’s a one off and just a husband’s sense of humor. Hopefully the relationship is strong and healthy.

Can you both compromise?

If it’s a sign something is wrong, then you may need to change your attitude towards each other. You may need to see her point of view and compromise.

If someone is busy and doing all the work, then you may need to help them. This way they don’t feel like saying something that makes you feel you can’t say anything back.

You should allow your wife the right to speak, and you reciprocate by listening. That goes for both of you.

Try not to assume the response you’ll get when you speak. Say what you want and need when you feel calm in a calm situation and you may be surprised by the reaction.

Put yourself in your wife’s shoes and maybe you’ll see why she feels frustrated. It’s probably not something she enjoys.

If you can both do this, you’ll find you have fewer arguments and disagreements and you’ll be happier as a whole.

Unhappy couple

Is this more than a one off?

Are you married to someone who can never admit they’re wrong and think they’re always right? Have they always been like this?

This may have seemed quite amusing at first and part of their personality. But after a while it could become a problem for you.

There could be issues like low self esteem and it could be used as a self defense mechanism. This could be either spouse.

Some people can think they’re right even over the most trivial of things.

It must be exhausting living with someone like that. You’d get fed up with it very quickly and it would affect everyone around them.

In extreme circumstances, these people can get professional help. They can then talk about any issues which could be causing them to behave like this.

Is she actually right and you’re wrong?

At the other end of the scale, are you an argumentative husband who disagrees with everything.

Is she actually right and you don’t like it? Maybe she’s had enough of you and for good reason.

Perhaps you need to listen to what she says occasionally and have some respect for her. Then you may realize what she says is worth listening to.

She’s clearly exacerbated to say something in such a way to make you think she’s always right.

Perhaps you need to react less quickly so you both don’t feel your anxiety levels rising.

She’s not going to be wrong every time. Have a little think about what she’s saying. You owe that to her at least.

What does the future hold?

Maybe you feel this about your wife very occasionally and it’s just a bit of fun to say she’s always right to friends.

But some couples are argumentative, and maybe you’re one of them. Maybe drama is part of how you both live and you’re content with that.

If this happens regularly, can you go on like this? What if it gets worse? Are you ever going to have a civil discussion and see eye to eye?

Surely you both don’t want to live where you get frustrated and assume she thinks she’s always right.

Ultimately, you can both get on if you really want to. If you make an effort to change a few simple ways you behave with each other and yourself. The future can look good.

Final thoughts

So yes, your wife may be right when she talks to you in that way. You may not like it but it’s true.

However, her talking like that and the way it makes you feel isn’t very healthy. It may seem an amusing way of describing how your marriage is sometimes.

But there is frustration and potential anger underneath it all. Try to communicate a bit more in a calm and productive way.

Then you’ll both be happier with the way things are between you. You’ll get more done and suffer less stress.

Spend more time with each other so you can appreciate what you both say. Then you might not think your wife is always right so often.

Perhaps then you’ll both be able to admit if you’re wrong because none of us are right all the time.

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