Should I Text My Girlfriend Everyday? (At First, Yes)

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When we begin dating, we like to hear from our new girlfriend all the time, even when we’re apart.

One of the best ways of doing this is by texting. We have our phones with us, so it’s a great way of keeping in touch.

But how often should we text? Is everyday ok and what about many times a day?

Should I text my girlfriend everyday?

It’s only natural to want to text a new girlfriend everyday. Pay attention to how she’s responding and then you’ll know if you’re doing it too often or not. Send her funny memes with plenty of emojis so she’s happy when she does get a text from you.

How new is the relationship?

We’ve all done it at any age, we want to message a new girlfriend to stay in touch every day. We’re at the stage where we want to know everything about her.

We’re fascinated by her, and she’s in our minds all day. If you’re apart, why not text her to see how she is and what she’s doing?

It’s perfectly acceptable and almost expected to text every day at first. At this stage it’s better to text too often than not enough.

Texting everyday lets her know you’re thinking of her and you like her. She’ll enjoy receiving messages from you.

It’s a great way to arrange when you can see each other while you’re both busy at work.

How often during the day?

For those who text everyday, how often in the day do you text? Should you message her multiple times during the day?

Psychologist Dr Nikki Martinez says we should text around 3 to 5 times per day. How many times you do it depends on a number of factors.

What is she doing? Is she working or in school? Is she doing anything special that day you want to be kept updated with? These affect how often.

Messaging repeatedly every half an hour is probably overdoing it. Unless you’re having a conversation by text.

If you’re just asking how she is or what she’s up to, then a couple of times in the morning and afternoon is about right.

Do you have anything new to say?

When texting every day, sometimes quality is better than quantity. It’s not a good look if you text her when you’re bored and you’re just doing it for the sake of it.

You should at least have something new to say or ask. Whether it’s something new to you or her.

Before you text think about how you’d feel if you received the same message. If it just says you’re having a chicken sandwich, she might not be impressed!

If it’s something you find funny or cute like a meme you think she’ll enjoy too, then go for it. That’s exactly what you should do.

Think of it as an extension to a normal conversation. You want to get to know her more and that’s what you’re doing.

Texting is good as you can have a conversation hours apart by responding to an old message. They’re easy to follow on a mobile phone.

How is she responding?

This question is the ultimate guide to how often you should be texting. Depending on her replies and when they happen is if everyday is welcome.

Are you getting quick and positive responses with plenty of emojis? Or does she take a while and all you’re getting are short answers.

Sometimes we’re genuinely busy and can’t say much but a text doesn’t take much effort. If you’ve only just started dating and you don’t get much feedback, you may want to ask why.

If she’s texting you before you’ve had a chance to message her, then you know you’re good to go and things are going well.

You’ll get to know over time how she feels about receiving messages from you and how often. We’re all different and if she likes it, she’ll let you know.

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You risk becoming clingy and obsessive

You need to listen and gauge how well received your texts are. If it’s too much, it may have the opposite effect of what you want to achieve.

You may be wanting to get to know her better and see how she is, but it can be overdone. Every day can be acceptable, every hour not so.

There’s nothing more of a turnoff for boyfriends or girlfriends than a clingy partner. We need space from time to time and sometimes too many texts can be a problem.

You also need to think about what you say in your texts. Serious topics are too much, instead go for a flirty message.

Sexting too soon in a relationship or while she’s busy at work may not be the right time.

How does she feel about it?

We’re all different, and maybe she’s not one for texting and messaging too often. If she’s seeing you the same day she may not want a text at all.

But starting a conversation by text while she’s at work may be something she doesn’t do. Maybe she was like that with her previous boyfriends.

The only way to find out once and for all is to talk about it. Say what you like to do and she’ll say what she likes.

This way you can come together and find some sort of messaging routine you’re both happy with.

How often does she text you?

If you want to text her every day, it would be interesting to see how often she texts you. If she’s just as keen on messaging you, then you’re all good.

Maybe she’s the type who only texts back and doesn’t initiate the message. In this case, what are her responses like?

Is she happy to hear from you? If so, you’ll be able to tell and be sure in the knowledge perhaps she’s just like that.

When you start dating, it’s normal for a girlfriend to be just as keen on messaging as her new boyfriend.

You can get too much of a good thing

There is something about waiting to see each other to talk about what’s been going on in your day. Whereas if you text all the time you might already know.

This is definitely the sort of thing that will happen when you’ve been dating for a while. You’ll message your girlfriend less often.

Don’t worry if you don’t get a response immediately, it doesn’t mean she thinks any less of you.

Sometimes you’ve both said all you’ve got to say and you both have your own independent lives to live. Space is a good thing and it’s true when it comes to mobile phones too.

If you met online, it may feel natural to do a lot of texting. But see how she feels by the messages you get in return and you’ll know if you’re overdoing it.

Texting is different to talking

Texting is fun but don’t forget to talk. That phone has multiple uses and there’s nothing better than talking to a girlfriend.

You can connect by talking far more than you can by text. Texting has its place if you’re busy and you don’t have much time.

But sometimes it’s far better to talk, and that’s what you’ll do most as a couple, anyway. Our personalities come out when we talk to each other.

How you get on will be one of the factors in helping you decide if you want to take things further.

Only through speaking can we really hear how the other person feels. The tone or volume of the voice makes all the difference.

Final thoughts

Sometimes it’s ok to text your girlfriend everyday. She might even be disappointed if you didn’t. It’s a great way of communicating.

A message is often the best way to say what’s going on or ask how someone is. It’s something we do a lot if we meet online first.

Message everyday if it feels right and you get positive replies from your girlfriend. If she uses lots of emojis then she likes what you’re doing.

When a relationship starts online, they often continue that way and messaging is a part of it. As long as you talk as well, you’ll be ok.

Girlfriends and boyfriends keep their phones close to them so it’s only natural to use them as much as you can.

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