What Husbands Need From Their Wives (14 Things)

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Getting married means you make a commitment to each other that’s supposed to last a lifetime.

This takes work on both the husband and wife’s part to meet each other’s needs. But the husband’s needs often go neglected.

Here I go through 14 things a husband needs from his wife that will benefit them both.

What husbands and wives need in marriage

A husband needs commitment and you’ve done that by marrying him. You’ve both chosen each other and that means a lot to him.

What a husband needs most is for you to be happy with him. You could do everything on my list, but if you’re not happy, then none of it matters.

So meet his needs, yes. But make sure your needs are met too. Then you’ll have a great marriage that will stand the test of time.

Get him to communicate if he’s not happy in any way, and you do the same. Marriage is a two way street and you both need to work on it.

Having said that, it’s great that you’re considering what a husband needs from a wife.

14 Things husbands need from their wives

There is a lot on this list. You can’t do everything but every little counts.

1. Faithfulness

This can mean for a wife to honor her marriage vows. But also to remain faithful to her husband and not consider another man.

Being faithful is a very religious part of marriage. You make the promise in front of everyone who matters to you both in your vows.

The ring is the symbol and you honor your commitment by wearing it. You make some sacrifices in marriage for the benefit of you both.

Many of the needs here are encompassed in the promise you made to each other. You agree to never betray your husband.

2. Honesty

Whatever happens in your relationship, a husband should always be able to count on their wife’s honesty.

Whether it’s something good or something bad. Whether its good news or not, a husband needs to hear the truth.

There needs to be no manipulation or any angle from his wife. He needs to know he can trust her and honesty is part of that.

You don’t need to tell a husband everything to be honest with him. But honesty is fundamental to a good marriage.

3. Respect

A husband needs respect from his wife. His opinion should always be sought after as well as your own.

Any major decisions should have a husband’s input. Things start to go downhill when a spouse takes another for granted.

If you don’t respect your husband then you shouldn’t have married him in the first place. It’s the least you can expect of each other.

Respect is about using both your life experiences and listening to them. This will benefit you both going forward.

By showing respect, your husband will maintain his self esteem and confidence. He’ll be a better man as a result.

Stick up for your husband and don’t let anyone speak ill of him. He may not be perfect but he does his best and you must respect him for that.

4. Companionship

This is a basic human need. We definitely need it as we get older, but we feel the benefit of companionship at every age.

Your husband should also be your best friend. A wife should feel they could tell her husband anything.

You should really enjoy spending time together. Hopefully, you got married for all these reasons and it stays throughout.

While you need your independence. You should want your husband there so you can have experiences together.

5. Emotional support

This is something a wife is very good at. It’s also something a husband needs a lot, whether they like to admit it or not.

They say, behind every good man, there’s a good women. This is because of the emotional support she provides to him.

A wife can make her husband feel good and secure about himself. She can instill confidence in him with her support.

A wife makes sure her husband is ok and validates him when he expresses himself. A husband is completed with a good wife behind him.

Build him up when he needs it and avoid judging him. By doing these and having his back, you’ll be meeting a great need.

6. Stability

Stability doesn’t just come from a husband, he needs it from his wife too. Studies show marriage stability benefits everyone, especially children.

The environment is best created by the husband and wife. The partnership is secure and you both know where you stand.

You need to be financially stable too, where any debt is controlled. Everything should be shared, fair and equal.

A wife can make sure this happens. Your husband may not know he needs this, but you need to make sure you’re part of any financial decisions.

It’s by working together you can ensure there is stability in the marriage. You’re emotionally stable for each other.

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7. Intimacy

We all have needs where intimacy is concerned. At the same time, don’t feel obligated to do anything you don’t want to.

Sex is part of what separates a friendship from a romantic relationship. It’s important it’s maintained in your marriage.

A husband has needs in this regard like you. It’s essential to communicate outside of the bedroom as well as inside about intimacy.

Sometimes we have problems that make us struggle to be intimate. As a wife you should communicate with your husband, whether it’s his problem causing it or yours.

Try and make time to be intimate and explore what each other likes. Sex is something to be enjoyed and it’s good if you’re both left satisfied.

8. Affection

After intimacy comes affection and they are different and separate things. A husband may not admit it, but he needs affection from his wife.

These little signs a wife does to let her husband know she loves him really make a difference. It’s something that’s often neglected once you get married.

Not every sign of affection needs to occur in the bedroom. Some physical touches outside confirm and remind him what you feel for each other.

Introduce some flirting to show your husband he’s still desirable to you. Initiate a kiss or pinch his bum in public.

Remember what you used to do when you first met. Sometimes you couldn’t keep your hands off each other.

9. Love

No matter how much you show it. Your husband needs to hear you say it. Just remind him occasionally.

Of course you love him because you married him and your love may have grown over time. But there are all kinds of things you can do to let him know he still means a lot to you.

By showing you love him, you’re also appreciating what he does for you and the marriage. Treat him sometimes when he’s not expecting it. Husbands like surprises too.

The good thing about showing you love him is that it will be reciprocated. He’ll like the feeling and want you to feel it too.

There are all kinds of little things you can do to show you still love your husband. You may have a private signal to show you’re thinking of him in public.

10. Acceptance

A husband needs his wife to accept him for who he is. That’s what she did when she married him, for better or worse.

You’re not going to like everything he might say or do. But there needs to be some level of acceptance and moving on.

People don’t change and we all have habits. You may have some that he doesn’t appreciate.

You need to accept his friends and family. You may not get on with them. But he doesn’t need to hear that.

Acceptance is a foundation in all relationships and especially marriage. People who can accept one another live happier lives.

11. Trust

Trust is the foundation of what a husband and wife needs for a healthy marriage. You need to be able to trust each other in every way.

Trust is there to begin with and in a marriage. But it’s easy to lose, and when you’ve lost it. It takes work to get back.

A husband needs his wife to be truthful with him. There can’t be any lies or secrecy. Everything must be up front.

If you promised your husband something. He must know he can always count on you, his wife.

Trust is broken most when infidelity has compromised a marriage. It will take a lot of work for a husband to trust an unfaithful wife.

12. Care

A husband needs his wife to care for him. No matter what’s happened to the husband, he knows he might need it.

Each spouse will need to care for each other. The children as well need motherly support.

A wife can care for her husband just by checking he’s ok. He can show she cares just by her concern if he’s feeling down.

She will care by making sure his needs are met. A husband doesn’t have to be on a hospital bed for a wife to show she cares.

She should show care for herself and the home. Everyone and thing can benefit from a woman’s motherly and caring instinct.

13. Approval

A husband might not need his wife’s approval, but it goes a long way. It’s one thing that can greatly enhance a marriage.

I’m not referring to consent or permission, but something more emotional and physical. A wife’s approval that her husband is doing something right.

It’s like she’s got his back. What he’s doing or saying she’s 100% behind. This is a big deal for a husband.

No one likes to feel they’re doing something on their own. The support and approval from their wife means a lot.

The wife might like to do everything, but it’s nice if the husband gets to take control sometimes. If this is with her approval, then all the better.

14. Encouragement

A wife should encourage her husband. Self expression is a human need and a wife can bring this out in her spouse.

Maybe your husband is apprehensive about something. This is not good for anyone and so some encouragement goes a long way.

It’s very good for his mental wellbeing if someone wants him to take the next step. Sometimes a little push is all it takes.

Nothing is achieved by sitting back and watching. A wife should encourage her husband to get what he wants in life.

An attitude like this helps the marriage. You’re a partnership who together can take on anything if you put your minds to it.

Final thoughts

We often hear about needs when it comes to relationships. Those needs are just as important in marriage.

A husband can often feel neglected compared to their spouse. We all assume they’ll be ok when that’s not always the case.

This is why I’ve given 14 things a husband needs from their wife. Every one of them helps build the foundation of a good marriage.

The wife shouldn’t feel left out though. The needs I’ve gone through can benefit and apply to both spouses.

Once both the husband and wife’s needs are met. Then you can both work on the marriage to build a better future.

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