Will My Ex Ever Unblock Me? (How To Get Him Back)

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So your ex has blocked you and there seems to be no hope of getting him to unblock you.

Don’t lose hope, over time he may unblock you by himself. If not, there are things you can do to subtly encourage him and I’ll go through them in this article.

5 Reasons your ex has blocked you

While some of these may seem permanent, it’s hardly ever that way really. There’s always a chance he’ll be back but first I’ll go through some reasons below.

1. He wants no contact with you

He’s already your ex and depending on his experience with breaking up with you. He wants to ensure you never contact him again.

If the break up was bad or you harassed him online, he’s telling you there’s nothing you can say to make it better.

He may already bump into you out with friends or at your regular haunts. But he wants to make sure there’s no contact by blocking you on social media.

2. He’s moved on

If he has another girlfriend, he probably doesn’t want you to be able to easily find her or message her. Maybe he knows what you’re like and it will only upset you and make you angry.

It ensures he’s left alone and any new acquaintances he may make, male or female. It also prevents his new relationship status from being seen by you.

By blocking you, you won’t know where he’s been and what he’s getting up. It’s his way of letting you know he’s moved on without having to actually tell you.

3. He’s annoyed or hurt by you

Maybe you still contact each other even though you’re exes. However, if you’ve made him angry or said something to annoy him, then one way of dealing with it is by blocking you.

Perhaps the break up has hurt him and it’s his way of dealing with it. He might feel it’s the right or natural thing to do is to block an ex girlfriend on all social media.

If he’s heard stories from you relating to what he’s said online, it will be his way of preventing it from happening again. It’s a way of keeping his new life private from you.

4. He’s trying to hide something

There could be all kinds of things in his life that’s happening, and he doesn’t want you to know what they are. He may be concerned by your reaction so he’s better off not risking trouble by blocking you.

There may be some big news for him or someone he knows may be about to go somewhere or do something. Perhaps he’s got a new job. Whatever has happened, he doesn’t want you to know about it.

If you wanted your ex not to know something, the first thing you would do is to block them on social media. It’s a way of moving on with your life and that’s exactly what your ex has done. Whether or not he’s trying to hide something.

5. He wants closure

This is the one you won’t like if you want him to unblock you. But maybe he finally wants you out of his life. Maybe he doesn’t even want you as a friend This part of his life is over.

Blocking you may be the last thing he did when you broke up. Perhaps you’ve been getting back together and splitting for a while. He’s decided enough is enough.

Sometimes there can be no any going back. Maybe you blocked him and by blocking you back he’s making sure there’s no way things can change between you.

5 Ways of getting your ex to unblock you

Except the first one. Most of these are subtle and let him know you’re still there. You may have to take pro-active steps and that’s what these are:

1. Reach out to him

The first and most obvious one. If you want to get in touch with him again, then you’ve got to make a move and contact him.

If you can’t reach him because he’s blocked you, then get in contact with mutual friends. If he knows you’re interested, he might unblock you.

He can’t have blocked every single way of you contacting him. There must be an opening somewhere. You need to use your intuition to get him to notice you.

2. Make him jealous

If he sees you with another man, he might unblock you and get in touch. Perhaps the man is very good looking or has lots of money. These things can make a man turn green with envy.

If you really want to get him going, have a picture of you arm in arm or on a beach somewhere. As long as it’s genuine and not clearly fake.

It doesn’t have to be another man. There are other things you can do to make him jealous. If you’re succeeding without him, he may not like it.

3. Show him you’re happy

Even if he broke up the relationship he wants you to be unhappy now he’s gone, it’s human nature to feel this way. He wants to feel he was a big part of your life and you’re not happy without him.

Therefore, the more happy pictures of you out and about enjoying yourself, the better. It’ll pique his interest and he’ll want to know why and what’s going on.

One of the best happy pictures will be you with a group of friends and it’s even better if there are male friends as well. To make it even more juicy, make sure there are male friends he doesn’t recognize.

Happy couple

4. Show him what he’s missing

I fear objectifying women here, but a good bikini shot will make him miss you. Perhaps you could try on your latest shopping purchases in an instagram try on.

An extreme way of going about it is to lose weight or work out to achieve a more desirable body shape. Or perhaps you’ve got the latest console and that may make him reach out to you.

There could be a number of things he could be missing out on by not being with you, and the aim is to show him on a regular basis. Show him life is better with you around.

5. Move on with your life (or look like you have)

If you really want him to unblock you, then you may want to actually try moving on with your life. Or make it look like that’s what you’re doing.

If he hears you’ve got a new job or you’ve moved home or got a new car. It doesn’t necessarily have to involve another man. Just that your ex can see you’ve got a life to lead whether or not he’s in it.

To what extent you want to carry on this facade until you do take steps to get over your ex is up to you. It seems like a sensible thing to do if he’s blocked you anyway.

5 Signs your ex might unblock you by himself

Time may work for you. If not, life has a way of drawing people back together and you can help it along the way.

1. He’s miserable

If his life has gone downhill since you split up, he might reconsider his blocking of you. Perhaps he’s realized he shouldn’t have broken up with you in the first place.

Misery has a great way of playing with our minds. We might connect what’s causing it to the wrong things and circumstances. This could go in your favor if he thinks this all started when he left you.

If you see this and post something of yourself happy on your accounts, it might have the desired effect. Any bad news he has he may want to share with you for support.

2. He’s asking about you

If he’s interested in you, and your friends are noticing he’s asking questions. Then you’re on your way to your ex unblocking you.

If he’s showing any interest in you at all and you notice, then he’s about to unblock you. He may want to know about what you’re up to or if there are any other potential partners around.

It may take some time for him to start asking about you and he’ll wonder if you miss him. This happens a lot with old relationships.

3. He’s split up with someone

This is especially so if your ex split up with the person he left you for. He may regret breaking up with you and finding someone else.

He may realize he actually preferred being with you. If you want him to unblock you, then this would be great news for you. You’d need to let him know if you’re still available.

This will always be a time when he’s liable to get in touch with old flames. You must try and get to know his status however you can. You can always make more accounts on social media.

4. He’s followed your friends

The world of social media is very small and we’re all intertwined with our friends and everyone we know. If your ex has started following friends of yours, he may be interested in you again.

This is even better if he’s messaged someone you know. He may not have asked about you, but him being interested in what they’re doing shows promise for you.

This is definitely an exes way to get back into the life of a former partner. It’s subtle because they don’t want to be obvious and look desperate. They’re just seeing how the land lies.

5. He has problems

This could be more than just miserable. If your ex has problems, he may need your help. He may know you can sort things out for him and make things better.

He may have money worries or something bad has happened. While some news may not be wanted, he’s very likely to unblock you and get in touch of he needs to.

If you hear anything, you may want to let him know through someone that you’re there for him. An olive branch might be all he needs to see that you still think of him.

Final thoughts

You want your ex to unblock you and I’ve gone through all kinds of ways you can make it possible. But you must think to yourself if it’s a good thing.

Your aim is probably to get back with him, but you broke up for a reason. You will need to work through what caused it before you can successfully get back together.

Him unblocking you is one thing, but it will still take some work on your part if you do want him back. Even then does he want you for the right reasons or just a good time between the sheets.

Some of us are meant to be together and you may feel that way about your ex. My advice is to think carefully before you jump in feet first in to more heartache.

Don’t get back with him because you can’t find someone else or you’re missing companionship. Keep your options open to new relationships.

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